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It is our honest review for Ethiopia Nespresso Vertuo: we have brewed it several times with different Nespresso VertuoLine machines and made different milk-based and without milk Nespresso recipes with it. 

What is Nespresso Ethiopia: Nespresso Ethiopia (VertuoLine) Features Chart

VertuoLine Ethiopia Nespresso Coffee is a blend of pure Ethiopian Arabica beans prepared by the signature drying method. It is a natural flowery coffee that reveals ripe blueberry notes and a hint of musk in your cup.

Vertuo Nespresso Ethiopia Features Table

Capsule NameVertuoLine Ethiopia Nespresso
Perfect cup size for servingGran Lungo 5.07 oz (150 ml)
Aromatic notesFloral, fruity and complex
Medium/Dark/Light roastMedium roast
Recyclability100% recyclable
Caffeine content120 – 200 mg
Intensity4 out of 11
Bitterness1 out of 5
Acidity3 out of 5
Roast level2 out of 5
Body1 out of 5

What Does Nespresso Ethiopia Taste Like? (VertuoLine)

When we tasted VertuoLine Ethiopia Nespresso, the floral and fruity aroma soothed us. It initially tasted a bit bitter to us, but later this bitterness balanced out. The ripe blueberry notes hit our palate and we drank the whole cup in no time. We found it dominated by woody and cereal notes with traces of peppery notes at the end. We felt that the flavors of various coffees accumulated in my single cup. Overall we found Vertuoline Ethiopia to be very well balanced. We brewed Ethiopia in all seasons; it never disappointed us and always surprised us with its hidden strength. 

Major Features of Nespresso Ethiopia

We focused on 10 major features of Nespresso Ethiopia; these features enable us to figure out how Ethiopian originated Nespresso Vertuo Ethiopia is different from all other Vertuo capsules. These attributes also estimate whether we take this fruity cup in summers or winters. Let’s study these features in detail.

Origin — Ethiopian Arabica Beans

Nespresso Vertuo Ethiopia is a blend of medium roasted Ethiopian Arabica beans (East African). The signature drying method gives this sumptuous Vertuo pod fruity and floral aromatic notes.

Roasting Level — 2 out of 5

In Nespresso Ethiopia, the Arabica beans are medium roasted. The roast level directly affects your drink’s acidity. Dark roasting gives candy or syrup flavor, indicating that the sugar is caramelized, while light-medium roast gives a fruity aroma or flavor. So, Ethiopia possesses a fruity and juicy aroma and flavor.

Aroma — Floral and Fruity

When I brewed gran lungo with Nespresso Ethiopia, the complex fruity aroma impressed me greatly. Its aroma hinted at East African Ethiopian Arabica beans. I smelled its scent again and again. Its floral aroma soothed my thoughts, and I felt relief for a few moments.

Acidity — 2 out of 5

The medium roasted Ethiopian Arabica beans balanced its acidity very well. You either feel mild tang-like or acrid lemon-like acidity in your drink, but I did not feel any harshness in Ethiopia. The ripe blueberry notes and complex floral aroma make your morning perfect.

Bitterness — 1 out of 5

Each coffee cup has a unique level of bitterness. You can feel fresh fruit, honey, or caramel-like sweetness. You can also easily identify whether it had white or brown sugar, honey or maple syrup etc. When I brewed Ethiopia coffee, I felt a bit of bitterness, but later on, its bitterness is balanced out with sweet fruity and floral notes. 

Body — 1 out of 5

Nespresso Ethiopia delivers smooth, light drinks that you can easily slurp down your throat. The body is the weight of coffee you feel on your tongue. Nespresso Ethiopia is a blend of medium roasted Arabica beans, so it delivers smooth drinks with an earthy aroma and ripe blueberry notes.

Caffeine content — 120-200 mg

Nespresso capsules (OriginalLine or VertuoLine) always fulfill your caffeine needs. Its one capsule contains about 80 mg of caffeine and is enough for one standard coffee cup. Ethiopia is a Vertuo capsule with low coffee and high caffeine content. When we measured it in our lab, we found 120-200 mg of caffeine in this sumptuous Nespresso pod. 

Flavor — Ripe Blueberry And Complex Floral Notes

When I brewed Ethiopia and took my first sip, I felt flowery notes on my tongue. The ripe blueberry and complex fruity notes hit my palate in another sip. I took sip after sip, and each sip gave me a different flavor, and I felt I was drinking a bouquet of different coffee flavors. 

Intensity — 4 out of 11

Intensity is determined by the level of bitterness and acidity in your drink. Ethiopia is a blend of medium roasted Ethiopian Arabica beans with low intensity. The medium roast gives it a sweet, fruity, floral aroma and flavor.

Finish — Woody And Cereal Notes

When I finished Ethiopia coffee, I felt a bit bitterness in the end, but later on, it was dominated by woody and cereal notes with traces of peppery notes at the end. I found Ethiopia coffee smooth and lingering. Its complex fruity and floral aroma is preserved in my mind. Whenever I am reminded of this flowery drink, I want to brew and drink a smooth cup of Nespresso Ethiopia.

Nespresso Ethiopia Brew Size

Nespresso Ethiopia is a Vertuo pod and only brewed with Nespresso VertuoLine machines. Vertuo machines offer six brew sizes.

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo — 5.7 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz
  • Carafe — 18 oz 

Nespresso Ethiopia delivers a 5.07 oz balanced gran lungo. We also brew other cup sizes with it, but we got only harsh (espresso) or watery drinks (alto/carafe). So, it is better to brew only gran lungo with Ethiopia.

Nespresso Ethiopia Price

We found that the pod-based Nespresso machine is an affordable brewing system compared to regular visits to coffee shops that are expensive and time-consuming. Although you cannot evaluate how much you can save by brewing at home. If a person spends $4 at a local coffee house, but if he buys Keurig or Nespresso capsules, how much money he will save is shown in the table below.  

Capsule or pod Cost, 1 ServingCost, 365 ServingsSavings Over Coffee Shop
Keurig K-Cup$0.35-$0.65$219$1,241
Nespresso Vertuo$0.90-$1.25$402$1,058
Nespresso Original$0.70-$0.85$292$1,168
Coffee Shop$3.50-$4.50$1,460$0

The above table shows that if you brew your desired milk and coffee recipes with Nespresso Ethiopia at home, you can save up to 80% of your money. Not only with Nespresso Ethiopia, but you can save the same amount with any of the OriginalLine or VertuoLine pods.

Compare VertuoLine Nespresso Ethiopia Capsule With Its Competitor Nespresso Pods

Capsule Image
Capsule NamePeru OrganicCosta RicaMexicoEthiopiaColombia
Nespresso LineVertuoLineVertuoLineVertuoLineVertuoLineVertuoLine
Email Reviews150250350100520
Overall Score87/10087/10096/10087/10096/100
Basic FlavorsToasted Sweet Cereal, Fruity, Smooth and BalancedCereal, Malty & SweetRoasted, Intense & SpicedFlowery, Berry, Fruity & FloralBerry, Winey, Fruity & Vibrant
Caffeine Content50 – 60 mg120 – 200 mg170 – 200 mg120 – 200 mg170 – 200 mg
Serving SizeEspresso (40 ml) (1.35 oz)Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)Coffee Mug (7.77 OZ) (230 ml)Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)Coffee Mug (7.77 OZ) (230 ml)
OriginArabica from PeruArabicas from Costa RicaMexican Arabica and Robusta100% Ethiopian ArabicaColombian Aguadas coffee
PriceView its price on Amazon.View its price on Amazon.View its price on Amazon.View its price on Amazon.View its price on Amazon.

OriginalLine Nespresso Ethiopia Vs. Vertuo Nespresso Ethiopia

The table below will show you the differences between Nespresso Ethiopia Original and VertuoLine:

Capsule NameNespresso Ethiopia VertuoLine Nespresso Ethiopia OriginalLine
Nespresso LineVertuoLineOriginalLine
Perfect cup size for servingGran Lungo 5.07 oz (150 ml)Lungo 3.07 oz (90 ml)
Flavor profileFloral, fruity and complexBright and flowery
Aromatic notesA sweet, woody, and slightly earthy with a subdued aromaA complex bouquet of jasmine, white lily, bergamot and orange blossoms
Medium/Dark/Light roastMedium roastMostly dark roast with a touch of a light roast
Recyclability100% recyclable100% recyclable
Caffeine content120 – 200 mg55 – 65 mg
Intensity4 out of 114 out of 13
Bitterness1 out of 51 out of 5
Acidity3 out of 53 out of 5
Roast level2 out of 52 out of 5
Body1 out of 51 out of 5

Our Final Verdict: Vertuo Nespresso Ethiopia Vs. Original 

As shown in the table above, both Nespresso Original and Vertue Ethiopia have the same basic features and specs. There is only a slight difference in their aroma and taste. This difference is also because the original line machines use 19 bar pressure to extract the capsules as opposed to the Vertue machines, which use centrifugation forces.

When we prepared two separate cups of coffee and espresso in our lab, Nespresso Ethiopia Vertue and Original, the two coffees were almost identical except for the following differences:

  • The original Nespresso Ethiopia Espresso was hotter than the Vertue Ethiopian coffee.
  • The crema on the top of the Original Nespresso Ethiopian Espresso cup was less thick, and the bubbles were very fine and gave a very good mouthfeel. The crema on top of the Vertue Ethiopian coffee was thicker than the original, but it was more aerated and didn’t have a great mouthfeel.
  • The Original Nespresso Ethiopia had a deeper scent than the Vertue and felt good to my nostrils. My entire lab was filled with its aroma while the scent of the Vertue Ethiopia Nespresso barely reached me from the cup.
  • The original Nespresso Ethiopia was full of bitterness with the first sip. Afterward, it was converted into a balanced espresso, while the Vertuo Ethiopia Nespresso was smooth and relatively less bitter.

Is Vertuo Ethiopia Nespresso for You?

If you have a Nespresso Vertuo machine and like a complex bouquet of jasmine, white lily, bergamot, and orange blossoms with flowery, berry, fruity & floral flavors with a 5.07 oz (150 ml) gran lungo cup size. It contains wet-processed beautiful Arabica beans from Sidama, southern Ethiopia, and wild Arabica from western Ethiopia. The harmony of these coffee beans may provide you with a light and creamy cup of gran lungo with 120 – 200 mg of caffeine content. However, if you want to taste:

  • Arabica coffees from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and other Central American countries, spicy, woody, rich & robust flavor, intensity 8, 170 – 200 mg of caffeine content a long coffee up to 7.77 OZ, check out Nespresso Indonesia. Coffee Aim received 10,225 email reviews about Nespresso Stormio, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • A daring blend of Robustas, and a separately roasted Arabica from South America, with Rich, creamy, and roasted peppery notes, intensity 12, 120-125 mg of caffeine content a short coffee, Ristretto (25 ml) or (0.85 oz), espresso (40 ml) or (1.35 oz), check out Nespresso Colombia. Coffee Aim received 3,314 email reviews about Nespresso Kazaar, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • A balanced and round coffee, Brazilian Bourbon coffee and Colombian coffee that reveals biscuity notes and pronounces a distinctly sweet aroma, intensity 4, 50 – 60 mg of caffeine content a short coffee, espresso up to (40 ml) (1.35 oz), check out Nespresso Nicaragua. Coffee Aim received 400 email reviews about Nespresso Stormio, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • Darkest and most intense roast that pays tribute to the Italian capital of coffee, with Dark & Creamy Cocoa notes, intensity 13, 55 – 65 mg of caffeine content a short coffee, Ristretto up to (25 ml) or (0.85 oz), espresso up to (40 ml) or (1.35 oz), check out Nespresso India. Coffee Aim received 630 email reviews about Nespresso Stormio, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • Arabica base coffee, with warming caramel flavor and luxurious buttery biscuit and delicate nutty notes, intensity 6, 170 – 200 mg of caffeine content a long coffee up to 7.77 OZ, check out Nespresso Caramel Cookie. Coffee Aim received 33,400 email reviews about Nespresso Caramel Cookie, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • Colombian Arabicas and a touch of Guatemalan Robusta, with mild, rounded, and smooth cereal notes, intensity 6, 120 – 200 mg of caffeine content a medium-long coffee, Gran Lungo up to 150 ml or 5.07 oz, check out Nespresso Arondio. Coffee Aim received 1,500 email reviews about Nespresso Arondio, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • An intense blend of Latin American Arabica coffee, with a range of woody and earth notes, intensity 6, 100 – 120 mg of caffeine content a Double espresso coffee up to 2.7 oz (80 ml), check out Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro. Coffee Aim received 21,000 email reviews about Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • A sweet treat with the capsule’s classic vanilla note in harmony with subtle hints of almond and butter biscuit laced through Brazilian, Latin American, and African Arabicas, with intensity 6, 170 – 200 mg of caffeine content a long coffee up to 7.77 OZ, check out Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie. Coffee Aim received 33,600 email reviews about Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie, and 96% of reviews were positive.
  • A packed-bodied and bold espresso prepared from decaffeinated Latin American blend with velvety crema that sits luxuriously on your tongue, with soft cereal, roasted, full-bodied & creamy notes, intensity 9, less than 12 mg of caffeine content a short coffee espresso up to 1.35 oz (40 ml), check out Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato. Coffee Aim received 10,225 email reviews about Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato, and 96% of reviews were positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Vertuoline Nespresso Ethiopia Taste Like?

It is specially brewed as Gran Longo, which can be enjoyed in a 5.07 oz (150 ml) cup. Like many genuine Ethiopian coffee beans, Vertuo Ethiopia coffee benefits from a long extraction time, which allows the complexity of its floral aromas to emerge fully. For better results, combine it with milk, the creaminess of the milk will make it smoother and more full-bodied with caramel-like notes.

How much caffeine is in VertuoLine Nespresso Ethiopia pods?

With more ground coffee, Nespresso Vertuoline Ethiopia (also called Vertuo Ethiopia Nespresso) are larger pods than Original Nespresso Ethiopia and can only be used with Vertuo Nespresso machines. These Vertuo Ethiopian pods brew longer coffee per capsule than their Original cousins. VertuoLine Nespresso Ethiopia capsules contain 120 – 200 mg caffeine per capsule (average 160 mg caffeine).

Which Nespresso Machine is Best for Brewing Vertuo Nespresso Ethiopia?

I think VertuoPlus Deluxe is best for brewing Nespresso Ethiopia capsules, but you can also brew this pod with all VertuoLine Nespresso machines, including:

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