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Product NameEspresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count
BrandCustom Variety Pack
Product OriginItaly
Coffee BeansMedium and Dark Roast
Roast LevelDark Roast
Flavour NameEspresso
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Customer Reviews297
Customer Rating96.86/100
Service Rating10
Easy to Use Rating10
Freshness Rating9.7
Aroma Rating9.7
Flavour & Taste Rating9.5
Strength Rating9.6
Value for Money Rating9.3
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Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count

I have previously written a post on Best ESE Coffee Pods in which I mentioned Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count. My readers insisted that I write a detailed review on this Custom Variety Pack’s product, so I wrote this review.

I’m a fan of a variety of flavors. I never stick to one taste, so I always have a stockpile of different brands of ESE pods in my house, but that’s when my house was big, and I had plenty of shelves to hold ESE pods. Packets of ESE pods of more than fifty brands were always on the shelves of my house.

You may be wondering what I would do with so many pods? Did I run an ESE pods store or sell them online? So the answer is no, I didn’t set up an ESE pods store or sell them online. I like to keep ESE pods of different brands and use them from time to time. It’s as if a curious person has kept other breeds of parrots or pigeons in the house. Maybe I gave the wrong example because no one eats parrots and pigeons. But I use ESE pods to make espresso on the go.

Yes! It’s as if a curious person keeps different breeds of chickens or ducks in the house and tastes other species of chickens or ducks every day.

It’s just that my mood is something like this. I get tired of drinking pods of the same brand, and then I change the brand of ESE pods. Due to the diversity of my nature, sometimes I get tired of ESE pods and start with Nespresso pods, Dolce Gusto pods, Tassimo pods, or Keurig K-Cups.

You may be wondering if all the coffee pods I have named have different coffee machines for each brand of pods, so have I kept so many coffee machines at home? You just think, an ordinary man, can’t control so many coffee machines at home, and I am also an ordinary man then; how do I fulfill my hobby? So to satisfy this hobby, I have some friends who rent coffee machines. These friends of mine live in the UK and the USA, so I don’t care whether I live in the UK or the USA. I can rent all kinds of coffee machines from my friends.

Due to my diverse temperament, I sometimes get tired of coffee pods and start instant coffee and coffee bags. One of the benefits of instant coffee is that it gets ready very quickly, and I need not a coffee machine to brew it. You don’t even have to. But my romance with instant coffee and coffee bags doesn’t last long because instant coffee tastes so bad and worse than ESE pods and coffee capsules, and I couldn’t prepare espresso with coffee bags. So I get tired of both very quickly, and I have to go back to ESE pods.

Ever since I started living in a small flat, I have had very few shelves. Now I can’t keep too many brands of ESE pods in my kitchen. So the problem for me was how do I satisfy my craving for different brands of ESE pods? Then a friend told me about Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count and said that this brand could meet my needs very well.

At first, I didn’t understand my friend’s point: how can a brand meet my needs? Because I have a habit of drinking espresso daily with a different brand. But when I opened the box of Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count, I was surprised because this box contained ESE pods of 35 brands and two packets of each brand. I just enjoyed seeing so many brands. I was thrilled. Now I go out and drink two cups of coffee, and every day a new brand welcomes me.

A friend once asked me for advice. “I want to choose a brand of ESE pods to make espresso, but I don’t know which brands to choose,” he said. I advised him to choose Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 Count. I told him to try the Grand Sampler. There are thirty-five brands in it. Each brand has two packets. When you taste these thirty-five brands, in turn, you will know which brand is more suitable for your package. My friend accepted my advice and is now very satisfied.

Espresso Grand Sampler ESE Espresso Pods 70 unidades


It’s a lot of fun to taste all these different brands of espresso, though. At about 70 cents each, that’s a good deal, but there’s no decaf or tea in this rating. Even if it were, I wouldn’t mind. They all come together in a large, re-sealed plastic bag, which is very convenient. I have no complaints. If you love coffee and don’t want to be stuck with just one brand day by day, you’ll be happy with this rating. I will probably keep buying my beans like this. And you also can enjoy your daily espresso in the same way if you want.

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