Double Espresso Chiaro Review

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Here is our honest review for Double Espresso Chiaro. We brewed double espresso with this Nespresso great pod and shared its incredible features below. 

The Bottom Line

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro is a blend of South and Central American Arabica beans. The medium roasting of these pure Arabica beans delivers intense espresso beverages with woody and earth notes. 

What is Double Espresso, Medium Roast Espresso Coffee?

A double espresso is the two espresso shots in a single capsule. The brewing method of espresso and double espresso is the same, except that double espresso has more caffeine than a single espresso shot. That’s why it has a more intense aroma and flavor. 

What are Double Espresso Pods?

Nespresso offers a variety of coffee pods; each has a specific barcode and brew size, such as espresso (1.35 oz), lungo (5.7 oz), coffee (7.7 oz), etc. A double espresso is a Nespresso Vertuo pod that delivers a 2.7 oz double shot. Insert that Nespresso double espresso pod in any of the VertuoLine machines; the machine will provide your drink in no time. 

What is Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro Taste?

I unboxed my Chiaro pods, and its brown brass color looked cool. I brewed it with Nespresso VertuoPlus. It had a very dark look and smell. When I took a sip, the taste was pretty good. Initially, I felt woody notes and a bit flowery notes. It had a bitter aftertaste and was best for me. 

However, I also brewed cappuccino with Nespresso Chiaro; the taste was beyond anything. the drink had a creamy texture and a hint of caramel notes. The woody notes were dominant, and the drink was remarkable. 

Overall, Chiaro delivers splendid beverages. Enjoy hot (ristretto), cold (latte), or pour over ice; Nespresso Chiaro will never disappoint you.

10 Major Features Of Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro

The Chiaro is made from intensely roasted South and Central American Arabicas; the balanced intensity best reveals a range of woody and earthy notes. Very indulgent as a latte, this espresso unveils notes of blond caramel combined with a nice creamy texture.

I have mentioned the ten striking features of Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro. These features are enough to determine why American-originated Chiaro differs from all other Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods. These attributes also help determine which season is best for Chiaro brewing. Let’s dive into these notable features.

Origin — South and Central American Arabica beans

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro is a blend of medium roasted South and Central American Arabica beans. This blend balances its intensity and delivers an indulgent espresso beverage with woody and earthy notes.

Roasting Level — 3 out of 5 (Nespresso coffee blend)

The South and Central American Arabica beans are medium roasted in Double Espresso Chiaro. The roasting level is directly linked with the drink’s acidity; dark roasting gives candied notes, while light-medium roast gives fruity notes. So, Double Espresso Chiaro delivered me light-bodied drinks and glowed my cup with a bright and baggy aroma.

Aroma — 4 out of 5

The woody and earthy aroma soothed my nose when I brewed Double Espresso Chiaro. I smelled it repeatedly, and its powerful scent relieved my mind. The aromatic profile indicated South and Central American Arabica beans. When I took a sip, the creamy texture tranquilized my throat and hit my palate with woody and biscuity notes.

Acidity — 1 out of 5

The medium roasting of Arabica beans gives the Double Espresso Chiaro mild acidity. Intense drinks have lemon-like acrid acidity, while light-bodied drinks have milk tang-like acidity. The Chiaro delivered light-bodied drinks with a creamy texture, sweet caramel, and biscuit flavors. 

Bitterness — 3 out of 5

The Double Espresso Chiaro adds low bitterness to the drink. When you take a sip of the coffee, you can quickly identify its flavor, such as fresh fruit, honey, caramel-like sweetness, etc. The Chairo delivers light espresso beverages that are a bouquet of various coffees and hit your palate with bright, carbony, and sweet caramelly notes. 

Body — 2 out of 5

The body is the weight of coffee that you feel on your tongue. I found it lightweight when I took a sip of Double Espresso Chiaro. The drink had a smooth and creamy texture, and I drank the whole cup in no time and did not feel it heavy. I took sip after sip, and each sip amazed me with earthy and baggy notes. 

Nespresso Chiaro Intensity — 8 out of 14

Intensity is determined by the level of acidity and bitterness in your drink. Double Espresso Chiaro is a blend of medium roasted Arabica beans that balance its intensity till the last sip. It adds low bitterness and acidity to your drink and delivers intense and indulgent espresso with a range of woody notes. 

Double Espresso Chiaro Caffeine Content — 100-120 mg

Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods contain 80 mg of caffeine which is enough to fulfill your caffeine needs. The same caffeine content is present in a standard Nespresso coffee cup. However, Double Espresso Chiaro has high caffeine content and delivers intense espresso beverages. When we measured it in our lab, we found 100-120 mg caffeine content in this sumptuous Nespresso capsule.

Flavor — Range Of Earthy And Woody Notes

The drink was intense and balanced when I brewed a Double Espresso Chiaro. I took my first sip and felt earthy and woody notes on my palate. The caramel and biscuity notes graced my palate when I took another sip. I took sip after sip, and each sip gave me a new flavor. I felt that the flavors of various coffees had accumulated in my single cup. 

Finish — Sweet Caramel And Biscuit Flavors

An incredible shot or perfect coffee cup makes your morning refreshing and leaves its flavor in your mind. When I finished my Chairo medium roast espresso coffee, I felt a bit of bitterness, but soon its bitterness was balanced with sweet caramel and biscuit flavor. Its intense taste and incredible aroma are still preserved in my mind. Whenever I am reminded of this great drink, I want to brew and drink light and balanced cup of Nespresso Chairo.

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro Brew Size

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro is a Vertuo pod and delivers a 2.7 oz balanced medium roast espresso coffee. It is only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines. Vertuo machines offer six brew sizes.

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo — 5.7 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz
  • Carafe — 18 oz 

These Nespresso VertuoLine pods are part of the Double Espresso range that will provide you with a 2.7 oz serving of espresso, which will help you double up on your single espresso coffee. We also tried other cup sizes such as gran lungo, coffee, alto, etc., but we got only sour or watery drinks. So, it is better to brew only double Espresso with Chiaro.

Chiaro Nespresso Machine Compatibility

There are two types of Nespresso machines; OriginalLline and VertuoLine 

OriginalLine machines use 19 consistent bar pressure and deliver full-bodied beverages. They are compatible with Nespresso Original coffee pods and third-party coffee capsules.

VertuoLine machines: Nespresso Vertuo delivers a full range of cup sizes and coffee styles from espresso to Alto XL with easy-to-use Nespresso VertuoLine capsules. They use the Centrifusion technique to extract the perfect shots and work well with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro is a Vertuo pod and is brewed with any of the Nespresso VertuoLine machines; Vertuo,—- VertuoPlus,—- VertuoPlus Deluxe,—- Vertuo Next, or Evoluo.

Is Nespresso Aluminum coffee Pods Recyclable?

Nespresso brand coffee pods are made of Aluminum which is fully recyclable and guarantees coffee freshness. It offers Pods Recycling Program, which provides different options for capsule recycling, fulfilling the collective commitment and protecting the environment. If you live in New York City, you can directly dispense your used coffee Pods into the recycling bin to recycle them. If you are not live in New York City, you must order a recycling bag from the Nespresso brand; the company ships the free recycling bag. This bag can accommodate 200 used Aluminum Coffee Pods. Fill the recycling bag with used Nespresso Aluminum capsules, ship it back to the company, and the company will recycle your used pods.

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro Price

In our experience, we learned that Nespresso capsule coffee machines are affordable brewing systems. If you brew your favorite coffee recipes at home, you will find it inexpensive as you don’t have to rush to the coffee shops early in the morning. Moreover, drinking coffee regularly from a coffee shop is expensive and time-consuming. The below data shows if you buy Keurig or Nespresso capsules and machines, you can save a considerable amount. 

Capsule or pod Cost, 1 ServingCost, 365 ServingsSavings Over Coffee Shop
Keurig K-Cup$0.35-$0.65$219$1,241
Nespresso Vertuo$0.90-$1.25$402$1,058
Nespresso Original$0.70-$0.85$292$1,168
Coffee Shop$3.50-$4.50$1,460$0

So, it is better to brew at home with Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro and save up to 80% of your money. Not only with Nespresso Chiaro, but you can save the same amount with any of the OriginalLine or VertuoLine Nespresso pods.

Double Espresso Chiaro Calories

Calories 2Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0 mg)0%
Sodium (4.7 mg)0%
Potassium (0 mg)0%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)1%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro Nutrition Facts

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)
Sodium (4.7 mg)1%
Potassium (116 mg)3%
Total carbohydrates (0g)
Dietary fiber (0g)
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)
Vitamin D (0μg)0%
Calcium 4.7mg 1%
Iron (0 mg)1%

Double Espresso Chiaro Recipe

We have brewed many incredible recipes with Double Espresso Chiaro, such as Cortado, Flat white, Macchiato, etc. Click the link below to find out the easy methods for these recipes. 

What Our Readers Say About Double Espresso Chiaro 

We have received 22000 reviews from our readers via email. The 96% reviews are positive, and our readers strongly recommend this double espresso pod, i.e., Chiaro.

Compare Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro with Other Double Espresso Capsules (VertuoLine)


Nespresso Line







Email Reviews







Overall Score







Basic Flavors

Intense Roasted, Cocoa, Dark & Bold

Woody, Roasted, Dense & Wild

Toasted Cereal, Fruity

Sweet Biscuit

Dark Cocoa, Spice, Cocoa & Spicy

smooth, sweet notes

Caffeine Content

100 – 120 mg

100 – 120 mg

100 – 120 mg

100 – 120 mg

100 – 120 mg

50–60 mg








Serving Size

Double Espresso (80 ml) (2.7 oz)

Double Espresso (80 ml) (2.7 oz)

Double Espresso (80 ml) (2.7 oz)

Double Espresso (80 ml) (2.7 oz)

Double Espresso (80 ml) (2.7 oz)

Espresso (40 ml) (1.35 oz)


Central America Robusta & Arabica

Pure Arabica from Central and South America

Ethiopian coffee beans

Arabicas from Indonesia and Kenya

Latin American Arabicas from the island of Puerto Rico

Special blend of beans from Latin America




Is Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro Best For You? 

Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro will fulfil your need if you want to brew light and balanced double espresso shots. The woody and earthy aroma, caramelly and biscuity notes, and 100-120 mg caffeine content will make your morning refreshing. Brew it with the Nespresso VertuoLine machine, and the blend of South and Central American Arabica beans will allow the Nespresso Chiaro to preserve the intensity till the last sip. However, if you want;

  • Coffee that is a blend of Central American Robusta and Arabica beans has 100-120 mg caffeine content, a size of 2.7 oz double espresso, intensity 11, and chocolatey and vanilla notes; Nespresso Double Espresso Scuro is the best option.
  • Coffee that is a blend of South American and Costa Rican Arabica beans has 50-60 mg of caffeine content, a size of 1.35 oz espresso, intensity 9, and cocoa roasted creamy notes; Nespresso Altissio will suit you. 
  • To taste a blend of Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans, has 170-200 mg caffeine content, a size of 7.8 oz coffee, intensity 6, and Biscuity, Cereal, Smooth & Balanced flavor, Nespresso Melozio is the best option. 
  • To taste a coffee blended with Central and South America Robusta with Brazilian Arabica beans has 150 mg caffeine content, a size of 1.35 oz espresso shot, intensity 11, and Spicy, Roasted, Intense & Powerful flavor, Nespresso Diavolitto is best for you.

I recommend buying the Double Espresso Chiaro from Amazon as it is a trustworthy online store. It packaged the item well, offers good shipping and return policy, and delivered you a pack of 10 Chiaro capsules.

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