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When the temperature is high in the summer, your clothes stick to your body, and you feel the need for water again and again. This kind of weather is a good excuse to drink cold brew coffee.

Cold-brew coffee may look like iced coffee or drip coffee, but it is very different in reality. Cold brews do not bring coffee close to the heat, while iced coffee is brewed hot and served on ice.

Even in drip coffee, a drop of iced water falls on the bed of coffee grounds which are later collected in one place and served with ice cream and milk.

Even in drip coffee, a drop of ice water falls on the bed of coffee grounds which are later collected in a carafe and served with ice cream and milk.

While cold brew coffee is a method of immersion steeping, the Corsley Grounds are steeped in water at room temperature continuously for 12 to 24 hours so that the effect of the coffee grounds comes out well.

You can also steep the coffee beans in your fridge, but you will have a good result at room temperature. My advice is that if you live in an area where the room temperature is above forty, you should keep the beans in the fridge for steeping. But if the room temperature is less than forty in your area, do not keep it in the refrigerator.

However, if you keep coffee beans in the fridge for steeping, then there are two things to keep in mind: First, use a glass mason jar with a lid to steep the beans. After mixing the beans and water, screw on the lid tightly so that the smell of the rest of the refrigerator does not get into the beans. Second, increase the steeping time to 36 hours instead of 24 hours to strengthen your cold brew.

Avoid blends while picking beans for cold brew. Buy single-origin coffee beans

  • Instead of buying pre-ground beans.
  • Buy them whole. 
  • Bring the beans home and grind them yourself. 
  • Coarsely ground beans are best suited for cold brewing.

When buying beans, make sure that the beans are dark roast or medium roast. Dark roast tastes good and strong. Light roast does not have a strong taste, so avoid light roast. Likewise, avoid old-aged and old-stored beans.

One of the advantages of cold-brewed coffee is that it is a very difficult task for those who can’t get up early in the morning to make coffee. All you have to do is prepare a one or two-week cold brew coffee concentrate. Place the coffee concentrate in the refrigerator in the form of ice cubes. Remove the ice cubes from the fridge as needed daily and mix the water with milk and cream.

This cold brew is a great thing for those who get up early in the morning and go to the office. Because those who go to the office have very little time in the morning and they have to drink coffee in the morning because their day does not pass without this fuel. All they do is prepare a two-week cold brew and make ice cubes in the fridge. They get up early in the morning, open the fridge door quickly, take out the ice cubes they need, dissolve them in water or milk, and cream and enjoy.

What are the health benefits of Cold Brew? There are countless health benefits for coffee and cold brew. Dutch traders did a great job four hundred years ago by inventing the Cold Brew. The thing of great help is the kind of invention. If Dutch traders had not invented the cold brew, how would our modern people today be able to control their heat?

Caffeine – Caffeine – Caffeine 

Coffee without caffeine is like a body without life. That is, coffee is a body, and caffeine is its lifeblood. Or coffee is a brain, and caffeine is its intellect. Or coffee is a snake, and caffeine is its venom. However, this coffee is nothing without enough caffeine, and this caffeine occurs a lot in the cold brew. And the fun part is handling the caffeine in the cold brew at your will.

And why didn’t we talk about nitro coffee yet? Cold Brew is the grandmother of nitro coffee because nitro is a subcategory of cold brew. You can make a nitro coffee recipe after making a cold brew. First, you make a cold brew, then infuse nitrogen in it. Nitro coffee is ready. How easy is nitro? Lol!

So, let me tell you a recipe for cold brew coffee.

Simple cold brew recipe


  • A mason jar with a lid.
  • A metal sieve
  • A pour-over
  • A paper filter


  • A cup of ground beans (Coarsely Grounds)
  • Four cups of filtered water


Buy whole beans from the local market or online. Otherwise, visit this page to buy coffee beans; it will make it easier for you to choose beans. Grind the beans coarsely until a cup of coffee grounds is ready. Finely ground beans have a far bitter taste than coarsely ground beans. Take four cups of filtered water. Mix one cup of coffee grounds and four cups of filtered water in a mason jar. You can also customize the ratio of coffee and water according to your taste preferences.

There are different water to coffee ratios such as 1: 2, 1: 4, 1: 3, 1: 5, 1: 6, 1: 7, 1: 8; whichever of these ratios you use, you will get a different taste and caffeine in your cold brew.

Mix water and beans in a mason jar, screw on the jar tightly and keep it at room temperature for 12–24 hours.

Strain the coffee grounds into mixed water after 24 hours. Strain with a metal sieve first. Now wash the mason jar thoroughly. Place the pour-over on the mason jar, place the paper filter inside the pour-over, and pour the strained coffee water back into the mason jar. Now your cold brew is ready. But this time, it’s the Cold Brew Concentrate. Shape it in ice cubes and refrigerate. You can use these cold brew ice cubes for up to two weeks.

Whenever you need to enjoy a cold brew, take the ice cubes out of the fridge as required, dilute them with ice, water, or milk. Mix it with cream as per your taste and enjoy.

If you ever want a hot brew and don’t have a hot brew arrangement, don’t worry. Put a few ice cubes of the same cold brew in the pan and put it on the stove. Add water, milk, or cream as required and use.

You can use this cold brew concentrate for your nitro cold brew recipe if ever needed.

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