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   Overall Rating

Overall Rating83
Flavor & Aroma 83
Freshness 83
Balance & Acidity85
Body & Mouthfeel 83
Roaster Reputation 83

 Customer reviews and Rating

Gained Stars4.1 out of 5
Global ratings109
5 stars53%
4 stars20%
3 stars15%
2 stars7%
1 star6%


A UK-based coffee roaster, Caffesso is a negotiate brand. Their Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules are among the lowest prices you’ll find, which means your coffee isn’t the top quality. If you want to save daily, go to Caffesso.

The Coffee Aim’s editors independently select and review products. After studying many such products, I planned to write the best review on caffesso coffee. Coffee Aim may receive a commission if you purchase through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

Key Features of Caffesso Coffee

PREMIUM COFFEE: Caffesso Aromatico is rich, dark, and well-balanced, perfect for a Southern Italian espresso boasting a distinctive chocolaty full body and aromatic character from Central American and South coffees.

HIGH-QUALITY STANDARD: Luxury Espresso Blends come from high-quality grade coffees from different origins. We apply rigorous quality control to ensure products are within our standards.

DARK ROAST ESPRESSO: Intensity 7 out of 12 | Great coffee roasting is great art. Our blends are generated for the world market and perfected, in Italy, by Italians, to the exacting standards you look for.

NESPRESSO ORIGINAL LINE MACHINES: We have spent four years on development and research to create the best compatible capsule for machines like CitiZ, Essenza, Lattissima, Creatista, Pixie, Inissia, Prodigio, KitchenAid, Breville, Delonghi, and Maestria. (Nespresso OriginalLine coffee capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine coffee machines).

Caffesso Coffee Overview

Our Favourite Caffesso Capsule: Chelsea Light Roast (Intensity: 4/10) is a high-altitude roast from Guatemala citrus, blackberry, and cinnamon. HiLine is the best Nespresso-compatible coffee roaster because of its dedication to freshness, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Compare Caffesso products: Here we have discussed different Caffesso products, the best detail about their intensity, roast, and compatibility. Let’s have an in-depth look:

                           Caffesso products comparison

Caffesso productsIntensityRoastCompatibility
Intenso12 out of 12Dark RoastCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines
Lungo Forte8 out of 12Dark RostCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines
Milano9 out of 12Dark RoastCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines
Decaffeinato4 out of 12Medium RoastCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines
Aromatico7 out of 12Dark RoastCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines
Forza Roma10 out of 12Dark RoastCapsules Compatible with Original Nespresso Machines

Caffesso, a UK-based company, launched in 2012. They tout the 3 C’s that defines their company:

  • Compatibility
  • Coffee
  • Club

Coffee: Caffesso capsules truly are no fuss, no muss, and yield a solid coffee beverage with ample crema. Nothing great, but undoubtedly good considering their cost.

Club: If you purchase your capsules from Caffesso’s website, you’ll impulsively be registered in their Club, where you can earn points to save for Caffesso products.

Compatibility: Caffesso has gone to the extent of ensuring compatibility with a broad array of Nespresso coffee machine models. You can also read here to see all of the machines they support.

I’ll add a 4th C.

Cost: Caffesso is a touch less inexpensive than other Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. While I advocate trying all brands to see what you adore, there’s no doubt Caffesso pods are pretty easy on your wallet.

Price Per Pod: About $0.35

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