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It is our review of the Breville Cafe Venezia BES250XL espresso machine.

Coffee Aim’s Ratings

 Our readers send us more than 100 emails across the US about the Breville Cafe Venezia BES250XL. The below table shows our rating for the Breville Cafe Venezia BES250XL espresso machine:

Overall Score85.65/100
Easy to clean8.74/10
Temperature Control8.64/10
Easy to use8.00/10
Blending power8.74/10
Value for money8.00/10
Brand Reputation9.50/10
Breville BES250XL Cafe Venezia 15-Bar Stainless-Steel Espresso Machine

The Bottom Line

It is Breville’s smallest espresso machine with almost no automated features. Unlike its more expensive cousins, the Breville Café Venezia Espresso Machine is great for beginners learning to use espresso machines. The Café Venezia doesn’t grind your beans for you, but it’s a workhorse and a nice-looking unit, but the Breville has replaced their Cafe Venezia Espresso Machine with the Compact Café. For an in-production model, check out the Breville Barista Express instead.

Features and Specs of Breville Cafe Venezia BES250XL Espresso Machine

Product NameBreville Café Venezia
Model NumberBES250XL
Discontinued/In ProductionDiscontinued
ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
Water Reservoir93 oz
Heating SystemThermocoil 
Auto Purge™ System – for optimal coffee extractionYes
Cleaning Tool StorageYes
Crema SystemAdvanced Dual-Wall Crema System – for ideal crema
Cup Warming TrayDie-Cast Cup Warming Tray
Easy Eject™ Filter SystemYes
4.5″ Head Elevation – for full-sized mugsYes
Heating LightYes
ControlManual Power Buttons
Milk Frothing JugIncluded
Espresso and Steam ControlSelector Control – for espresso or steam function
HousingStainless Steel Housing
Steam Wand45° Pivoting Steam Wand – with stainless steel frothing attachment
Drip TrayRemovable Drip Tray – with stainless steel grid
Including AccessoriesA stainless steel milk jug and a plastic tamper/scoop tool, 50mm portafilter, and different sized stainless steel filters (single, double, and pod)
Portafilter Size50mm portafilter


  • It is a stylish stainless steel machine that suits any domestic kitchen environment.
  • The Breville Café Venezia is splendid for beginners learning to use espresso coffee makers.
  • It is a significant improvement over the old ESP6 model. 
  • The heat-up time is relatively short.
  • The machine works as advertised, making great coffee, especially with Lattes and Cappuccinos.
  • The 93 oz water tank capacity is generous.
  • The controls are straightforward.
  • The machine has low maintenance requirements.
  • The machine comes included with cleaning tools that are stored out of sight in the device.


  • The machine has almost no automated features, unlike its more expensive cousins.
  • There is a downside to the auto-purge function when using the steam wand; the 5-second delay before it kicks in is too short in most cases.
  • After using the steam rod to steam the milk, it is customary to close it inside the milk jug, then turn it back on outside the jug so that the remaining milk can be taken out. But if you’re too lazy, the auto-purge interrupts the process, causing the rod to either let off steam for just a few seconds before stopping or stop working momentarily because it waits for the Thermoblock to warm up again after cleaning has cooled it.
  • The handle is placed diagonally in the tamper with this machine instead of standing on the tamper surface. Due to its attachment to the scope, applying considerable pressure and maintaining the tamped coffee’s surface level with the filter is tough.
  • Café Venezia’s pump is also loud and generates plenty of vibrations.
  • Occasionally, the drip tray leaks if not inserted properly, and removing the tray to empty it releases a little bit of water underneath it.

Is Breville Cafe Venezia BES250XL Espresso Machine for You?

The Breville Café Venezia is a good machine in terms of price, and its minor flaws make it easy to adapt. This machine is ideal for you if you are on a budget and want to learn the art of brewing espresso, so the machine will not disappoint you with its excellent tasting coffee in its affordable price range. But we do not recommend this machine to you. We recommend improving your budget and checking out the many times better machine, The Breville Barista Express.

But if you are looking for a well-made espresso/cappuccino machine for the same price, I suggest you choose a machine made by Mr. Coffee. It seems like Mr. Coffee’s brand knows what they’re doing. I recommend two machines for you: Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine and Café Barista, Silver. Although these two machines do not grind beans for you, they are workhorses and good-looking units.

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Warranty Information

What it Covers: Breville espresso machines, grinders, and blenders

Length: 2 Years (Covers Oracle Touch, Oracle, Dual Boiler, Dynamic Duo, Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Bambino Plus, Breville Café Venezia, and Precision Brewers), 1 Year (Covers Bambino, Barista Express, Smart Grinder Pro, and Milk Cafe)

Who Supports the Warranty: Breville USA

Warranty Contact Information: 1-866-273-8455 

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes (Espresso Machines Only)

Does Coffee Aim have Repair Information? Yes, Read more about espresso machine repair services.

Note: Please register your product with Breville for warranty support.

User Manuals

Breville Café Venezia User Manual

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