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It is our review of BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000. We want to emphasize what features and Pros & Cons distinguish this coffee maker from others.

The Coffee Aim received almost  4,500 emails from BLACK and DECKER Mill & Brew coffee makers across the US, and the product got an overall 90.03/100 score.

Coffee Aim’s Rating

Overall Score by Coffee Aim90.03/100
Blending Power9.40/10
Coffee Quality9.30/10
Design & Features9.20/10
Ease of Use9.14/10
Value for Money8.85/10
Easy to Clean7.70/10
Brand Reputation9.00/10

The Bottom line

Want a budget grind and brew coffee maker? The Black Decker Mill & Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent option for a reliable budget-friendly coffee maker. This grind and brew model comes with a sizable 8 oz bean hopper and 60 oz reservoir, a brew strength selector, and quick-touch Programming to give you the full flavor and aroma of your favorite beans every time you need it. 

A programmable 12-cup coffee maker with a coffee grinder, the Black and Decker Brew and Mill comes with an affordable price tag that is more than fair, an in-built coffee bean grinder, 24-hour programmability, sneak-a-cup feature, and strength control; it works great.

The coffee maker has an excellent, versatile design in black color. Though the machine is made with plastic (no BPA-free information), which we did not particularly care about, the Black and Decker Brew & Mill can be your good to go.

Key features of BLACK and DECKER CoffeeMaker

Product Name: BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000 

Model No: CM5000 

Color: Black

Digital: Yes

Freshness Indicator: Yes

Built-in Grinder: Yes

Grinder Off Option: Yes

Grinder: Blade

Max Brew Volume: 60 oz (12 cups)

Min Brew Volume: 10 oz (2 cups)

Sneak-A-Cup Feature: Yes

Limited Water-level Indicator: Yes

Adjustable Grind Size: No

Bean Hopper Volume: 8 oz

Carafe: Glass Duralife Carafe

Carafe Plate: Nonstick “Keep Hot” Carafe Plate

Dishwasher Safe Carafe: Yes

Brewing Feature: Yes

Brew Strength Selector: Yes

Programmable Start: Yes

Ready Indicator Light: Yes

Auto Shut-Off: Up to 2 hours

24 Hour Quick Touch Programming: Yes

Filter: Gold Tone #4 permanent

Reusable Filter: Yes

Sneak-a-cup Technology: Yes

Dimensions: 13.5″W x 10.0″D x 15.5″H

Weight: 9.5 lbs

Volts: 120V

Warranty: 2 Year 


  • The Coffee Aim received almost 4,500 emails for BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000 across the US, and most of them are positive.
  • Having an integrated grinder that grinds more evenly
  • Reasonable compact size and an excellent design for many kitchen spaces
  • Available at a low price
  • Grab a cup quickly by the sneak-a-cup feature 
  • You can add a kick to your coffee with its strength control feature.
  • With its 24-hour programmability, get freshly brewed coffee every morning.
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Strong recognized brand
  • 2 years limited warranty 


  • Its water reservoir is non-removable
  • Its built-in grinder makes a bit of noise
  • You can’t replace its delicate carafe
  • Made up of plastic
  • Products having BPA materials (the manufacturer cannot confirm BPA-free status)

BLACK+DECKER 12 Cup Mill & Brew CoffeeMaker Overview 

Suppose you are an infrequent coffee drinker or want something easy for your guests, the Mill & Brew coffee maker is a good option. It’s a budget-friendly mediocre brand name, Grind and Brew coffee maker with a blade grinder that turns your favorite whole beans into a satisfying cup of coffee according to your preferences: strong or mild or as you want. 

Wake up to fresh coffee every morning, thanks to the QuickTouch programming panel that includes brew-strength control, time settings, and an auto brew feature. You don’t need wasteful paper filters because the coffee maker has the bronze tone permanent filter attached to the integrated grinder. They are completely removable and easy to clean. The machine includes the Duralife glass carafe with a 60 oz capacity and a clear-view window; you can quickly see how much water is in the coffee maker.

Quick touch programming

The BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew includes marked buttons that control each function and will be easily accessible even when you are in a sleepy mode in the morning. Moreover, the backlit display shows you the program you want to select.

Built-in grinder

Black + Decker has a built-in grinder that grinds your favorite whole coffee beans; you can also use pre-ground coffee after turning off the grinder.


You can grab a quick cup while the coffee is still brewing. This feature allows you to take a break without spoiling the heating elements.

Product consultation and care 

Product details

Brew Temperature

The optimal temperature for reaching the best brewing and coffee concentration is 195° to 205° F for five or six minutes. The BLACK and DECKER coffee maker brews coffee according to optimal temperature.


The Black + Decker Mill & Brew reservoir represents easy filling, filtering, measurement, and cleaning of the remaining coffee quantity. The coffee maker shows how clear we have set the controls.


After receiving the machine (the first time), we were very pumped to begin testing for this Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker. The black and Decker mill and brew are easy to use, but they can take time to discover. It is primarily available in black color and made up almost out of plastic, which is not loveable. It is slightly larger than other programmable 12-cup coffee makers.

Due to its brew basket size, the Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker is a bit larger than other grind and brew coffee makers, and that is the real difference. Unlike other coffee makers without a grinder, its brew basket is also a grinder that we can program to grind coffee beans just before the brew. 

The control panel right above the carafe looks a bit crowded at first sight. The control panel is straightforward, with a backlit display showing selected features. The control panel’s features are:

  • On/off button (to turn the machine on and off)
  • The hour and Min (minutes) button (This button is to set hours and minutes on the digital clock and to cycle through different “keep warm” settings for the carafe) 
  • Program button: Press and release the button once to program the auto brew, and to program the carafe hot plate “keep warm” period, you have to press and hold it.
  • Auto button: (This button confirms the setting for the subsequent automatic brewing)
  • Grind button: This button is to set optimal grind setting for 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-cups, and it is also used to switch on and off the grinder
  • Strong button: They are helpful for the selection of strength of coffee brewing. You have 3 levels to choose from strong, bold, and regular (default)

Water Reservoir

With a 60 oz water reservoir in the back, the Black+Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker is sufficient to brew 12 cups at a time. In addition, the water reservoir window has clear level markings so you can see exactly how much water you put in the machine.

Features and technical specs

Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker is a very impressive and advanced coffee maker at a reasonable price.

Voltage: The device is made for 120V, which can be utilized In Canada and USA only. In any case, defects or damages happen while using a converter for non-US/non-Canadian power outlets; the warranty becomes void.

Brew Basket: The coffee maker has a large brew basket with a 60 oz capacity, and one tablespoon of ground coffee is used for one cup only.

The brew basket has a permanent bronze mesh filter which is reusable. Paper filters are also applicable for pre-ground coffee before brewing if you don’t want to use the grinding feature. The brew grinder can be accessed by lifting its cover located right on top of the coffee maker.

Beverage size: The black and Decker’s one-cup minimum range is about 5 oz, and the maximum is 60 oz. By adjusting the number of coffee grounds and water levels to brew lower volumes of your coffee, you can easily make 12 or less than 12 cups.

 Weight: With 9.5 pounds of weight, this grinder is a little more than other 12 cups coffee makers.

Unit size: With 13.5″W x 10.0″D x 15.5″H dimensions, though the Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker is a bit larger than other 12-cup coffee makers but is still relatively compact and can fit right into some of the smaller spaces.

Water Reservoir: The water tank of the Black and Decker mill and brew coffee maker has a 60 oz capacity. Though it is not removable, the lid right on the top of the machine can be lifted to access the reservoir. To show the water level, here is a window indicator. The quantity of water added to the reservoir determines the amount of coffee that will brew.

Carafe: The Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker comes with a simple glass carafe, so you have to be extra careful.

Additional perks: The coffee maker has some standard features that make it even easier and more enjoyable, which are understandable considering the overall price.

Freshly Brewed Coffee: Enjoy freshly brewed coffee according to your favorite grinding size with its built-in grinder, activated and controlled with the “Grind” button on the control panel. If you want to brew pre-ground coffee, you have to turn off the grinder and cycle through optimal grind settings for 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cups.

24-hour Programmability: With 24-hour programmability, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee daily in the morning. Its Quick Touch programming can quickly program coffee making with a 24-hour auto brew feature.

Sneak-a-cup Feature: With the sneak-a-cup feature, you can grab a quick cup of coffee before it’s brewed. You need to remove the carafe, and the brewing process will pause. The carafe must be set back on the carafe plate for only 30 seconds to prevent overflow, after which the brewing process will resume.

Auto Shut-off Feature: Like many coffee makers, Black & Decker Mill and Brew comes with a safety standard auto shut-off feature. Unlike other coffee machines, you can also program between 0 to 2 hours of auto shut-off time (30 minutes increments). Moreover, the machine has a non-stick warming plate that keeps your coffee warm within a specified time.

Eco-friendly: With a bronze tone permanent filter, it is more eco-friendly, reduces coffee staining appearance, and eliminates the need for paper filters.  


Despite not having a Hot and Cold Brewed System, the CM5000 Black & Decker coffee maker brews decent coffee. To brew hot and strong coffee, you can better adjust the brewing temperature.

Brewing time: While it takes 60-80 seconds to brew one cup of coffee (above 12-16 minutes in total for a full carafe) and 15-19 mins using a coffee grinder, you have the facility to minimize or maximize the brew time in advance.

Flavor: However, the machine brews excellent coffee, but coffee specialists can be frustrated because the coffee maker is best for users with slightly lower expectations.

Temperature: Unlike Breville Grind Control and other best coffee makers, the CM5000 Black & Decker coffee maker does not have a way to adjust the temperature. The Mill and Brew cannot reach the perfect temperature of 195 – 205 F; it reaches about 175-180 degrees instead. By far, it is a reasonable option at this price point.

Noise levels: Like other Grind & Brew coffee makers, the Mill and Brew coffee maker has a regular, pumping noise. Moreover, it yields a louder crushing noise when its grinder is used. 

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair: The machine is easy to clean. You only need a wet cloth to clean daily and some warm soapy water for weekly cleanliness. Wipe the machine’s body, the heating plate, and the inside of the water reservoir regularly. And for weekly purposes, you can also wash the removable basket and glass carafe in the dishwasher of your kitchen. 

But we don’t recommend washing the removable basket, shower head, 2-in-1 Grinder and permanent filer basket, and glass carafe in the dishwasher. Wash them only by hand instead.

If you are a frequent user, you have to descale your coffee maker with vinegar or any other descaling solution about once a month; otherwise, minerals and hard water can clog your machine. 

The maintenance and repair manual is located here (by clicking on the indicated link, you will be able to download the user manual PDF from the Black and Decker website).

Health and safety

The brand does not claim that they used BPA-free plastic material in their coffee makers. However, we have insufficient information regarding the BPA-/BPS-/BPF- status of the plastics; we can’t support that the product is free of this kind of materials. 

Value of Money

If saving cash on a separate grinder is one of your top priorities for buying a Grind and Brew coffee machine, then the Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffee Maker should be the cutest for your morning brewing cup.

Black and Decker Mill and Brew coffee maker is available at a very reasonable price. It might be cheaper to buy a new coffee maker if this one breaks. There are costs associated with shipping, etc.

The machine is neat and clean, having excellent strength control and programmability features, which can also grind and brew your coffee decently. Moreover, the grind and brew coffee maker comes with a 2-year warranty. However, this warranty is only for the US and Canada-based clients. 

Is BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000 for you?

Ideally, the BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000 is the most affordable machine for all drip coffee makers and is ideal for those looking for a low-cost introduction to the Grind & Brew universe.

But because of its large size, it is not suitable for those who do not have much extra room in their kitchen, office, or dorm room. Suppose you are one of those people who want a small-sized drip coffee maker with a grinder. In that case, you should check out Breville Grind & Control, which is one of the leading all in one coffee makers with its prominent features: 8 different strength settings, a high-quality stainless steel flat burr for superb grind size uniformity, a massive 5-60 oz brewing range, and a well-insulated thermal carafe. Unfortunately, its price is six times higher than the BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000.

If you are looking for something good at this price, check out the Cuisinart DGB-900. Although a bit more expensive than the BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew coffee maker, this is a good discovery with 60 oz Maxim Brew Volume and Chronicle Br Grinder, suitable for whole bean and pre-ground coffees.

If you’re looking for something more innovative or feature-rich, check out Capresso CoffeeTeam PRO Plus. Its design is more elegant and compact than the BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew coffee maker. It is beneficial with a 10-cup thermal carafe and 7-ounce removable bean container.

If you are looking for a cheap drip coffee maker without a grinder, check out Cuisinart 14 Cup DCC-3200P1. This Cuisinart Drip Coffee Maker is 24 hours programmable, and it is a good alternative for $69.

Alternatives to BLACK+DECKER Mill & Brew CM5000

We have three alternatives to BLACK + DECKER Mill and Brew CM5000 which are:

  1. Krups Grind & Brew KM785D50

Overall: 89.88/100

The Bottom Line

KM785 10 cup drip-coffee maker comes with a five-setting conical burr grinder that allows you to select your preferred grind, from coarse to fine. KM785, the Krups grind & brew model also offers stainless steel conical burrs, 5 grind size settings, 50 oz max brew size (10 cups at a time), 5.3 oz bean hopper, a programmed auto-start option for scheduling the brew cycle, and a 2-hour, keep warm feature for coffee that’s ready when you want it. Rapping up, this value model has everything you need.

  1. Klarstein Aromatica Grind & Brew

Overall: 90.03/100

The Bottom Line

The Klarstein Aromatica Nuovo Termo grind and brew coffee machine is an excellent entry-level grinder and brewer. This quality model has everything you’re looking for in a grind and brew coffee maker. The Klarstein Aromatica has a 5-stage filter that allows you to choose from 9 grind sizes, a 50 oz glass carafe (10-cup carafe), and a 5.3 oz hopper. You’ll always have coffee with a 24-hour timer. A practical heating element ensures that the ideal temperature is maintained for consistent brewing—each feature of this quality coffee maker is bested by other machines

  1. Cuisinart DGB-1FR Grind & Brew

Overall: 93.58/100

The Bottom Line

With a 4 oz bean hopper and integrated blade grinder, Cuisinart DGB-1FR grinds & brews up to 16 oz at a time. Its grind-off feature allows you to use pre-ground coffee. Although blade grinders aren’t the best option for a high-quality coffee, neither for refillable K-Cups nor for reusable Nespresso pods, this single-serve grind-and-brew model is a compromise-able option to grind coffee freshly.

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