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Spinn has introduced a machine that doesn’t use the conventional brewing method to make espresso. The Spinn coffee maker is equipped with Centrifugal Brewing technology to brew impressive coffee or espresso drinks. 

This coffee maker competes with the hot-selling espresso machines and drip coffee makers of big brands like Keurig and Nespresso. If you love coffee made from your own beans, Spinn fulfills your expectations.

This single-serve coffee maker works with an app called “Spinn App”. It allows you to customize your coffee by using a smartphone. Spinn App has made brewing much easier than expected. 

The Spinn coffee maker has a very sophisticated and compact design. You can easily place it on your counter even if you don’t have much space. Its design and color can give a very artistic look to your kitchen. 

Let’s get deep into a detailed review of the Spinn coffee maker!

Why Should You Buy A Spinn Coffee Maker?

The Spinn coffee maker is advanced in its look as well as features. It is genuinely the coffee maker of the modern era. You can operate this on an app, which also works with Alexa. It’s like a gadget to make a high living standard. 

Spinn coffee maker competes with hot-selling brands like Keurig and Nespresso because of the best quality coffee it brews. It has a pre-set program to make lattes or espressos one touch away. 

Do you want to prepare amazing recipes in no time then the Spinn coffee maker is the right choice for you. Now we are going to review the Spinn coffee maker in detail to give you the maximum information.

Coffeeaim’s Top Pick

Spinn Pro Plus Smart WiFi Automatic Single-Serve Coffee Maker—Milk Frother Bundle
Bottom Line:
Spinn Pro Plus Smart coffee and espresso machine brews coffee in a unique way by using Centrifugal Brewing Method. You can use this coffee maker on your smartphone through the Spinn App. Use the milk frother while making fancy drinks and hot water function to make tea. 
View its latest price on Amazon

Best Spinn Coffee Maker By Features

Do you like to purchase your coffee maker with different kitchen appliances like travel mugs or frothers? If you do, then Spinn has many options for you. Go through the table below and find what Spinn has to offer you. 

PicNameFeaturesGet it
Spinn Original Automatic Coffee Maker with Centrifugal Brewing—-Zero-WastePrice: $749 Color: Gray Material: Plastic Capacity: 40-oz Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Stainless Steel Burr Grinder, Cold Brew, Centrifugal Technology, No Compatibility with Pods, WiFi Enabled, Compact Design, Connectable with MobileView its latest price on Amazon
Spinn Original Plus Zero Waste Coffee Maker with Milk FrotherPrice: $799 Color: Gray Capacity: 40-oz Material: Plastic Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Operate with Spinn App Conical Burr Grinder Centrifugal Brewing Technology Water Filter WiFi EnabledView its latest price on Amazon
Spinn Pro Smart Automatic Coffee Maker—Programmable Centrifugal Brewing and GrinderPrice: $799Color: Gray Capacity: 40-oz Material: Plastic Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Programmable Cold Brew Stainless Steel Grinder WiFi Enabled Compact Design Compatible with Alexa Centrifugal BrewingView its latest price on Amazon
Spinn Pro Plus WiFi Enabled Coffee Maker with Centrifugal Brewing—Compatible with Spinn AppPrice: $849 Color: Gray Capacity: 40-oz Material: Plastic Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Milk Frother Fast Brew Centrifugal Brewing Technology Stainless Steel Burr Conical Grinder WiFi Enabled ProgrammableView its latest price on Amazon
Spinn Original Bundle Smart WiFi, Cold Brew Automatic Coffee MakerPrice: $899 Color: Gray Capacity: 40-oz Material: Plastic Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Compatible with Spinn App Automatic Software Updates WiFi Enabled Centrifugal Brewing Burr Grinder NANO Water Filter No WasteView its latest price on Amazon
Spinn Pro Bundle Smart Automatic Espresso and Coffee Maker—Milk Frother BundlePrice: $949 Color: Gray Capacity: 40-oz Material: Plastic Dimensions: 14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L Filter Type: Reusable Fast Brew Spinn App18-oz Bean Container WiFi Enabled Works with Alexa Built-in Grinder Compact Design Water FilterView its latest price on Amazon

Spinn Coffee Maker Review

Are you confused about the selection of coffee maker? I know, it’s quite difficult. However, you don’t need to be worried as we are here to help you out throughout the process. Below we have written down a true review of the Spinn coffee maker that will make your purchase decision easy. So, without any delay let’s start!

Spinn Pro Bundle Smart Automatic Espresso And Coffee Maker—Milk Frother Bundle

Design and Appearance4.8
Ease of Clean 4.4
Ease of Use4.5
Brand Reputation4.5

Spinn Coffee Maker Overview

The coffee industry, like any other thing, is changing and evolving at a swift pace. After every few days, some new flavor of coffee or type of coffee maker comes out with enhanced features. Introducing the latest coffee makers aims to provide customers with high-quality coffee and convenient brewing. That’s what the newly introduced Alexa-enabled Spinn coffee maker does. 

The Spinn coffee maker differs from an average single-serve coffee maker that brews coffee like many other coffee makers. It has high-tech features like getting operated on a smartphone and is compatible with Alexa. This smart coffee maker has a dedicated mobile app called “Spinn App”. You can select your beverage type or strength by using this app. 

The built-in, conical burr grinder allows you to use coffee beans for a freshly brewed cup. The Centrifugal Brewing System is the winning feature of this single-serve coffee maker. With the help of Centrifugal Brewing Technology, this coffee maker serves you the rich flavor of the coffee. 

Spinn Coffee Maker Features

Features of a coffee maker decide if it’s a high end machine or not. The more features a coffee maker has, the more customized coffee you would get. Spinn coffee maker lets you connect it with WiFi to have advanced brewing experience along with many other features. Let’s get a precise look!

Strong CoffeeYes
Fits Travel MugYes
Water Reservoir Capacity40-oz
Hot Water FunctionYes
Burr GrinderYes
Milk FrotherYes
Compatibility with Coffee PodsNo
Product Dimensions14.1” H x 8.6” W x 13.2” L
Storage UnitNo
Power Cord StorageNo
Display ScreenNo
Water Supply LineYes
Brews EspressoYes
WiFi EnabledYes
Connectable to SmartphoneYes
Works with AlexaYes
Includes Water FilterYes
Includes Travel MugYes
Spin CarafeYes

What We Like:

  • Fast Brew: Spinn coffee maker brews coffee in 60 seconds with the help of Centrifugal Brewing Technology.
  • Centrifugal Brewing Technology: The unique way of brewing through the Centrifugal Brewing System (Centrifugal Force) makes the coffee more flavorful by getting the perfect aroma out of coffee grounds.
  • Milk Frother: The milk frother makes a very smooth foam to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, especially cold latte or americano.  
  • Zero Waste: This brewer makes zero waste by showing compatibility with ground coffee only. Use whole coffee beans to have freshly brewed coffee that leaves no waste material.   
  • Versatile: You can connect this coffee maker to WiFiwifi as it works with Alexa. Operate this coffee maker using the “Spinn App” with automatic software updates.  
  • Water Supply Line: Connect the coffee maker directly to a water supply line and get rid of the refilling water reservoir repeatedly. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Expensive: This may be heavy on your pocket if you are a beginner to coffee machines. 
  • Small Capacity: The serving size of the Spinn coffee maker is 20 oz, and it only serves one person at a time. 

Design And Appearance

The minimalist design of the Spinn coffee maker gives it an exquisite look. This machine has a small footprint that makes it easy to adjust at places with little space. 

At the top of the machine is a bean container that is easy to access and fill. The touch display at the front makes it easy to select the cup size. This machine allows you to adjust the drip tray according to your cup size. The minimal and simple design makes it look unique and easy to clean. 

The Spinn coffee maker is made up of high-quality plastic with silver color. The plastic body makes it light in weight and hence easy to move.


No matter how luxurious your coffee maker is or how many advanced features it owns, it’s only useful if it performs well. And what do you mean while talking about the performance of a coffee maker? You judge the performance of the coffee maker by the flavor, quality, and temperature of the coffee it serves and how much time it takes to brew. 

Spinn coffee maker brews exceptionally good coffee using its Centrifugal Brewing Technology. It delivers the beverage according to your adjusted strength in only 60 seconds, and the built-in grinder converts your whole coffee beans into the finest grind of 0.01″ size. Brew your favorite coffee beans to get 20 oz of flavorful drink in no time. 

Ease Of Use

If you are a technology-familiar person, the Spinn coffee maker is a piece of cake for you. You can brew coffee using the Spinn app on your smartphone with just a few touches. It offers you all the settings to customize your beverage. 

To brew coffee, make sure to load the machine, i.e., fill the container with fresh whole beans and a water tank or connect the brewer with a direct water supply. When you have put the beans, take out your smartphone and open the Spinn app. It’s this app that does all the work. 

Spinn app shows you a variety of beverages, like Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Lungo, or Classic Joe, to brew. Select the type of beverage you want to brew, and it will be ready in just a minute. The Spinn coffee maker is WiFi enabled and works with Alexa for convenience. So, we can conclude that not only the Spinn produces amazing recipes but also very convenient to use.

Coffee Quality

The Centrifugal Brewing Technology and stainless steel conical grinder enhance the coffee quality of the Spinn coffee maker. The built-in grinder makes the finest grind of whole coffee beans. Centrifugal Brewing Technology fully extracts the flavor of this finely ground coffee by spinning it in the spin basket. After this entire process, you get your beverage with full flavor and crema. This brewer lets you brew a variety of drinks, but the one that wins is espresso. It brews espresso outstandingly with excellent crema like any other premium quality espresso machine. 

Ease of Cleaning

You can easily descale your Spinn coffee maker by using the Spinn app. The Spinn Pro connects with the water supply line, so before descaling, make sure to remove the water filter and fill the water tank up to the max line. Connect your smartphone with the Spinn app and select the menu at the top right corner. Then select the “Cleaning and Descaling” option from the menu, and it will open a step-by-step tutorial. Follow the tutorial to get the descaling appropriately done. 

Wipe the machine using a clean cloth damped in clean water to clean the machine. Further, clean and rinse the drip tray, water tank, and residue bin frequently to maintain cleanliness.

Price And Availability

The Spinn coffee machine is on Spinn’s official website and many other online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. To save money, keep checking Amazon’s website to avail the amazing sale it offers occasionally. The table below shows the price of a Spinn coffee maker at different stores. 

Spinn Store$949

Can I Use My Spinn Coffee Maker Without The Spinn App?

Yes, the display with the touch button at the front of the Spinn coffee maker allows you to use the brewer without using the Spinn app. You can brew up to 7 coffee beverages through the User Interface by tapping a few buttons. However, you must use the Spinn app for descaling and cleaning cycles. Spinn App offers you much more to explore about the Spinn coffee maker. 

What Is The Difference Between Spinn And Spinn Pro Coffee Maker?

Spinn and Spinn Pro coffee makers have no significant difference. The only difference is that the Spinn Pro coffee maker has a built-in water supply line, and Spinn requires you to fill the water reservoir. Both coffee makers are WiFi enabled and can be controlled by a smartphone or even Alexa. 

Is The Spinn Coffee Maker For You?

Spinn coffee maker with a round, rectangular shape looks like a futuristic product with a sleek design. The high-tech features allow you to control the machine using a smartphone through the Spinn app. It will enable you to brew coffee the way you like, i.e., with the touch display and Spinn app. You don’t need to be in the kitchen to brew coffee; open the Spinn App while lying on your couch and order your machine to brew your favorite beverage

Spinn coffee maker gives the convenience of brewing and serves you a good cup of coffee. The Centrifugal Brewing Technology fully extracts the coffee flavor and delivers aromatic coffee with a perfect crema. 

If you want to know the true reviews about other coffee machines and coffee pods, then visit our website  Coffeeaim.com for valuable content.

Have a happy shopping day!


Is Spinn Coffee Maker Worth It?

If you want standard barista espresso conveniently, the Spinn coffee maker is worth spending money on. It gives you a fully automated brewing experience by controlling the brewer through a mobile app. You can connect the brewer to WiFi and control it through Alexa. It’s more than a conventional drip or pour-over coffee maker. 

How Much Does The Original Spinn Cost?

The Original Spinn costs $749 if you buy it from Spinn’s website. But you can order it from Amazon at lower rates. 

What Is The Difference Between Spinn Original And Plus?

The Spinn and Spinn Original Plus are the same coffee machines with identical features. The difference is that Spinn Original Plus has a frother, and Spinn Original is only the coffee machine. 

What Is The Difference Between Spinn Original And Pro?

The Spinn Original and Spinn Pro coffee machines show the difference only in one feature. The Spinn Pro coffee maker is compatible with the water supply line, while the Spinn Original has no water supply line. 

Can You Use Any Beans With A Spinn Coffee Maker?

You can brew whichever coffee you like in a Spinn coffee maker. The freshly ground beans serve the best-tasting coffees and espressos. 

What Size Is A Spinn Carafe?

The Spinn carafe is 6″ tall and 4.5″ in base diameter. The capacity of this carafe is 15 oz which can be adjusted using the Spinn app. 

Can A Spinn Coffee Maker Make Cold Brew?

Yes, a Spinn coffee maker offers a cold brew for iced coffee. Along with many other customization options, the Spinn coffee maker offers pre-set cold brew through its app. 

Can I Use Ground Coffee In The Spinn Coffee Maker?

No, you can’t use ground coffee in the Spinn coffee maker. As the grinder automatically puts ground coffee into the brewing chamber. Spinn coffee maker only works with coffee beans.

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