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I have previously written on Best ESE Pods and Which Coffee Machines Are Useful for These ESE Pods, but my readers insisted that I also write on the Note d’Espresso so I wrote this review.

Italian Brand

Note d’Espresso has been specializing in coffee making for many years. It brings together years of experience and taste. If you want to see finely roasted Italian coffee, carefully crafted herbs and leaves, and flavors of fresh fruit, this is the place to be. Whether you’re looking for an old favorite or an exciting new single origin, they’ve come up with the best in each one, so you can enjoy the perfect cup every time.

Coffee Flavours From Around the World

The pods they make can be easily used on any coffee machine that is ESE pods compatible. Although this brand roasts coffee beans and makes coffee capsules, we will only mention the taste of their best ESE pods here.

The brand chooses expensive Arabica and powerful robusta beans from world-renowned coffee-producing regions to fill the coffee grounds within its ESE pods.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-ground, pre-packed, vacuum-packed coffee that, although roasted thousands of miles away, used a passive gas flush system to secure them. Oxygen is taken out of the pouch and replaced with nitrogen gas which does not react with coffee grounds. And this is done so that the coffee grounds inside the pods do not become stale.

It’s a classic Italian / Veneto style medium roast that doesn’t taste like charcoal and tastes like real coffee, and surprisingly, throws up a pretty decent crema.

This brand uses the next level of technology to create ESE coffee pods. Paper is used to making pods that are more porous than other papers. The top side of the pod allows water to flow from your machine reasonably, quickly, and without interruption, but the bottom side of the pod is thicker, forcing the passage of water with machine pressure. Due to the pressure, the water completely saturates the coffee and causes it to ooze even more.

Do all these things work with the Note d’Espresso? Yes, they do. I challenge anyone to use this brand to get better, fresher “coffee” with better crema.

Are these pods freshly roasted / freshly ground / properly tramped? Not. You buy these beans for one of two reasons:

  1. You are very slow in buying, grinding, and making fresh coffee and want to get the best cup out of your machine with minimal effort, mess, and hassle.
  2. You realize that sometimes the fresh beans will run out, so you keep them in the closet as a backup, so you never go without a morning pick me up. This 150 pack lets you free up space and forgets to buy beans 150 times.

Note d’Espresso Colombia Coffee paper pods.

This blend of Colombia Coffee paper pods has 150 x 7 g pieces. With an espresso of vibrant flavor, vigorous body, and pure pleasure on your palate. This Colombian single-origin blend is dedicated to true coffee lovers, with well-balanced notes of chocolate, acid, and bitterness.

Note d’Espresso Arabica Coffee Paper pods.

This blend contains 150 x 7 g paper pods. The blend makes an aromatic, light, sweet espresso with a long aftertaste. The company fills the pods with premium Arabica coffee beans from South America.

Note d’Espresso Brasile Coffee Paper pods

Brasile Coffee contains 150 x 7 g paper pods. It is a beautiful single-origin Arabica blend with a bar of mild milk chocolate and honey aroma. The espresso made from this blend has special notes of almond and cocoa on the palate.

Note d’Espresso Classico Coffee Paper pods

Classico Coffee contains 150 x 7 g Paper pods. It is a classic, balanced blend with a creamy body, fruity aroma, and chocolate aftertaste. The company fills these pods with premium Arabica from South America and strong Robusta from India.

Note d’Espresso Espresso Coffee Paper pods.

This Espresso Coffee blend contains 150 x 7 g paper pods. These pods are intensely aromatic, with notes of chocolate and nuts. The espresso made from these pods has a full body and a long aftertaste—ideal for adding energy to your day. The pods are made with Arabica from South America and Robusta from India, a combination of strength and smoothness.

Note d’Espresso Extremo Coffee Paper pods

Extremo Coffee has 150 x 7 g of paper pods. The blend makes a full-bodied espresso with the aroma of toasted bread and a strong aftertaste. These pods are made with strong Robusta coffee from India, Vietnam, and Africa, making a thick crema on the top.

Note d’Espresso Guatemala Coffee paper pods.

Guatemala Coffee contains 150 x 7 g paper pods. The magnificent single-origin Arabica coffee grounds of this blend make a high-quality espresso with mild milk chocolate and honey aroma and notes of almond and cocoa on the palate.

Note d’Espresso Intenso Coffee Paper pods

Intenso Coffee contains 150 x 7 g paper pods. These pods make an intensely aromatic espresso, with notes of chocolate and nuts, a full-body, and a long aftertaste—ideal for adding energy to your day. These pods are filled with premium Arabica from South America and strong Robusta from India. The combination of Arabica and Robusta ends up with strength and smoothness in your lovely cup of espresso.

Note d’Espresso VS Other ESE Pod Brands

There are currently over fifty brands of ESE pods in the market that make good quality espresso. I have divided these brands into six groups to compare them with the Note d’Espresso ESE pods.

1st group

  1. MariaSole Caffè
  2. MilleSoli Caffè
  3. Mokaflor – Dolce Arabica
  4. Palombini: “Caffè Forte”
  5. Ammore ESE Espresso Coffee Pods
  6. Caffè Corsini Compagnia
  7. Caffè Tostini – Pads
  8. Caffe Moreno
  9. Caffe New York Espresso Pods
  10. Caffè Quarta
  11. Caffe Roma

In this group, I have listed eleven brands of ESE pods. I have made espresso from all these brands and compared these espressos to the espresso made from Note d’Espresso ESE pods. The result is that all these brands are lighter in quality than Note d’Espresso.

2nd group

  1. Il Piacere (Espresso) E.S.E. Pods
  2. Dualit Lungo ESE Coffee Pods
  3. Filicori Zecchini
  4. Barbera Cialda Superior
  5. ESE Java Mocha Coffee Pods
  6. Single Origin Ese Coffee Pods
  7. Baronet Coffee
  8. Danesi Easy E.S.E. pods
  9. Zicaffe’ ESE Espresso Paper Pods
  10. Nannini Espresso

Although, the second group is more popular than the first group. Their taste, aroma, flavor, and crema are also more than the previous group’s brands. Readers of my articles have also emailed me their reviews on these ESE pods. But when competing with Note d’Espresso ESE pods, these 2nd group ESE pods lose the competition

3rd group

  1. Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee
  2. Bristot Single-Serve Coffee Pods
  3. Musetti Coffee – Cremissimo – ESE pod
  4. Compagnia Dell’arabica Selection
  5. Almanegra Espresso ESE Pods
  6. Caffe D’arte Decaf Italian Espresso Blend
  7. Espressione 100% Arabica Pods
  8. Gran Caffè Garibaldi
  9. Molinari BIO
  10. Miscela d’Oro Single Shot Espresso Cremoso Pods

The brands of ESE pods in this group have better taste, flavor, crema, and after-test notes than the ESE pods of the first two groups. My readers’ reviews have emailed me using these ESE pods is also higher than the first two groups. I have received an average of fifty emails on each of the ESE pods in this group, proving that the ESE pods in this group taste good. But when we compare them with Note d’Espresso ESE pods, the Note d’Espresso ESE pods are a thousand times better than them. That’s why when buying pods, we should give preference to Note d’Espresso ESE pods over the 3rd group’s pods.

4th group

  1. Aroma Premium ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews:98)
  2. ESE Coffee Pods – We – Real Italian Espresso (Reviews: 99)
  3. Caffe Gioia ESE Pods (Reviews: 103)
  4. Kimbo Coffee ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 103)
  5. Montedoro Caffè` Prezioso (Reviews: 107)
  6. Lucaffe’ Mamma Lucia ESE Espresso pods (Reviews: 108)
  7. Caffe Lollo ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 112)
  8. Izzo Arabica (Reviews: 127)
  9. Lucaffe’ Lucaffeina Pulcinella ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 130)
  10. Cuba Mia Single Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 132)

The ESE pods of this group are better than the first three groups in terms of flavor and aftertaste. Crema also looks better on espresso made from these ESE pods. But when we compare these ESE pods with Note d’Espresso ESE pods, Note d’Espresso ESE pods seem to outperform them in taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste.

5th group

  1. Barista Italiano 100 ESE Coffee Paper Pods (Reviews: 363)
  2. Caffè Carbonelli Strong – Real Neapolitan Espresso (Reviews:377)
  3. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)
  4. PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 699)
  5. Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods – (Reviews: 700)

All pods in this group are of high quality. Their taste, flavor, and quality are also high. But if you compare the brands of this group with the Note d’Espresso ESE pods, there is a difference. In this group, I have included a total of five brands of ESE pods, out of which Barista Italiano, Caffè Carbonelli, and Pellini are the equivalent of the Note d’Espresso ESE pods.

If we compare PureGusto and Note d’Espresso, both brands have got 700 reviews, and in the race for reviews, both brands are equal. If we compare the five-star ratings in the reviews of the two brands, PureGusto has a 67% five-star rating compared to the Note d’Espresso five-star rating of 63%. It turned out that users of the PureGusto preferred it to those who used the Note d’Espresso. Because the higher the five-star rating, the better the quality of liking.

When we compare the four-star ratings of the two brands, PureGusto has a 15% four-star rating, while the Note d’Espresso has a 19% four-star rating. So PureGusto also won in the four-star rating because it is higher in four-star rating, which means its users less criticize it. Similarly, if we compare the three-star, two-star, and one-star ratings, the Note d’Espresso has got 8% three stars, 4% two stars, and 6% one-star rating. In comparison, PureGusto has a 9% three-star rating, a 2% two-star rating, and a 7% one-star rating. However, if we compare the ratings of both the brands, the rating of the PureGusto is better than that of the Note d’Espresso. That is to say, the users of PureGusto have preferred Puregusto more than the Note de Espresso. The ESE pods of Puregushto proved to be of higher quality than the Note d’Espresso.

6th group

  1. Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – (Reviews: 972)
  2. Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 1100)
  3. Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 1829)
  4. Illy Classico ESE Pods (Reviews: 2489)
  5. Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods (Reviews: 12394)

All the brands of ESE pods in this group are of very high quality. These are the highest quality brands of ESE pods in the world. Their reviews are also more than the Note d’Espresso. We’ve tasted espresso from all of these brands repeatedly and concluded that these five brands are better than the Note d’Espresso in all the qualities of espresso: flavor, strength, and aftertaste, etc.


In this review of the Note d’Espresso, I have thoroughly reviewed the espresso made from this brand and compared it with all the ESE Pods brands. I list it as one of the top ten brands of ESE pods globally, and I suggest that if you have never tasted this brand before, give it a try now.

Note D'Espresso COLOMBIA Coffee Paper pods ese 7g x 150 pods

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