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A good cup of coffee can easily transport your stress back and improve your mood. A warm summer’s morning in the US? That classic cup of Kona Coffee will carry you back to Kauna’oa Beach [1], Hawaii, with fresh, flavorsome cookies. 

Or how about a medium or dark roast Peaberry Kona Coffee with an aroma of cozy British evenings, wrapped up warm with family. 

No time to read through our entire article? We’ve chosen the 6 more valuable brands as the overall best Kona Coffee.


  1. SUPER TOP PICk: Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack
  2. TOP GRADE: Hawaiin Kona Extra Fancy by Volcanica Coffee
  3. BEST AND UNIQUE: Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee
  4. BEST QUALITY: Keala 100% Kona (By Bean Box)
  5. BEST PEABERRY SUBSCRIPTION: Kona Peaberry Coffee (by Volcanica Coffee)
  6. BEST LIGHT ROAST SUPER KONA: Royal Premium 100% Kona- Hawaiian Coffee Company

It’s safe to say that no other coffee has the potential to captivate its consumer, as Kona Coffee does. This means that no matter the number on the price tag, your favorite cup of coffee is a priceless investment.

And where to start when searching for the best coffees? Our best coffee list covers everything you need to know, from the plantation to the variety, the 100% Kona to the Peaberry, the light to the full-bodied, and medium to the dark roast. 

Here, you’ll find good coffees you’ll want to share with your friends, you’ll buy for you and your family and the most special of special guests. You’ll also discover the best coffee beans to invest in and the tastiest brew to drink this month. Read on to discover your new favorites on our top-rated Kona coffee buying guide. 

But wait! My wife bought 4 months’ worth of ‘Kona’ before realizing that something terrible had happened, and she’d been buying a fake blend. So be warned: Most of the so-called manufacturers sell their beans as ‘Kona’ but they don’t live up to their name. They often mix ‘Kona beans’ with cheaper beans to produce affordable blends, but this isn’t obvious. 

It’s like you purchase an expensive fine wine right in the best bottle and keep it tucked away at the back of the cupboard for only the most special of special occasions. But right when you open it, you realize, water was added to it to sell more. So before you buy Kona beans whether online or offline, read this guide thoroughly. It will help you stay away from the beans like garbage and buy the only Kona worth buying – the real deal.

The Best Kona Coffee Brands and Products in the World 2023

Before you read my full article about Kona Coffee I want to show you some Kona Coffee products.

So, we’ve handpicked the top brands and their 6 most exciting best products each from the Kona coffee region.

What is Kona Coffee? What Makes It So Special?

The Kona Coffee, in my opinion, the ‘Noble Coffee’ variety—one of coffee culture’s most important coffee, due to its cultural and historical importance, as well as international renown.

Much like the Champagne the region of France [2] now best known as the Champagne wine region [3] for the sparkling white wine that bears its name in modern-day France, Kona [4] the region of the Hills of Mauna Loa and Hualalai in the Northern and Southern Kona districts of the big island of Hawaii [5] also has a volcanic unique microclimate, where you can sample the distinctive aroma and flavors of 100% Kona coffee, which is what Kona is famous for! No doubt, this uniqueness can’t be mimicked anywhere else, not even in other parts of Hawaii.

How is the Aroma, Flavor, and Taste of Kona Coffee

Kona coffee has a richer flavor as Mark Twain once called it “A richer flavor than any other,” grows on the cloud-wreathed western flanks of Hawaii’s Big Island volcanoes.

Mark Twain [6]

Hawaii’s 100% Kona coffee direct from Kailua-Kona [7] has a unique amazing aroma and flavor profile that includes hints of honey, milder cocoa chocolate, brown sugar, and just a bit of bright fruitiness.

As always, the final taste of your coffee depends on the grinding, roasting, brewing method, and freshness of your coffee beans. But if all these things had been done perfectly, your Kona beans can give you the taste hints of brown sugar, milky chocolate, honey, and a hint of a bright fruit flavor. 

Generally, we can describe it as bright, crisp, and clean. You expect a very pleasant, lingering aftertaste, with hints of nuts and citrus on your pallet.

The texture and aroma of Kona Coffee have such qualities you’ll never forget, they carry a sweet fragrance and potent flavor quite unlike any other coffee. If we compare it with other coffee beans, Kona Coffee is sugary, almost caramelly in taste with a light floral component, a unique, sweet mix of aromas that are reminiscent of caramel, butter, cocoa, or fruit.

It is not so much the taste, the flavor, the aroma, or the aftertaste alone, but the combination of all 4 which make Kona so unique, addictive, and beautiful.

Kona coffee Bean’s shape

Kona Coffee is a member of the Arabica family, so like Arabica its beans also have a slightly larger/elliptical shape than the smaller, more round robusta beans. All coffee beans are one of the two pits under the seed parchment except the rare Peaberry Kona, where the coffee cherry produces only one pit. [8] [9]

Kona Coffee History

Don Francisco de Paula y Marin, Spanish advisor to King Kamehameha I was the first introducer of coffee in Hawaii in 1813. The second introducer was John Wilkinson, who brought 30 of the well-known “Hawaiian coffee” plants from Brazil. [10]

The Kona Industry And Its Scams

Hawaii has clay soil in some areas, they are not suitable for growing high-quality Kona coffee beans. The other reason for the poor soil is sugarcane, which was the main cash crop of Hawaii throughout history, and it has stripped the soil of important nutrients in many places.

Comparatively, the Kona coffee region on the island of Hawaii has fertile, rich volcanic soil that is fit for the cultivation of amazing flavor and the highest quality beans. 

The Estate of Hawaii has eight regions [11] and each region produces its kind of coffee beans such as Hamakua Coffee, Ka’u Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kona Coffee, Maui Coffee, Molokai Coffee, Oahu Coffee, and Hawaii Coffee. All these beans have some taste but true Kona coffee beans are in a class all their own.

One of the reasons why Kona coffee is so valuable is that its plants are very delicate. And because of their delicacy and taste, they are prone to pet attacks.[12] In the last fifteen years, the coffee plantations in Kona have been plagued by rapid pet diseases. The pet name is CBB. And Hawaii Island was the only island where CBB was detected. [13] This disease was first confirmed in Kona in September 2010 and was detected in the Ka`u region in May 2011. [14], [15], [16]

The fragrant bean having a popularity for more than 200 years, finally recovered after much care.

But unfortunately, many opportunists hope to make money in this place. As a result, Kona Coffee products were sold incorrectly.

In Hawaii’s history of agriculture [17], coffee farmers [18] have sued [19] some marketing companies. Farmers claimed [20] that these companies had sold light quality coffee by labeling it as Kona. The court’s decision [21] came in favor of the farmers[22]. 

Labeling Kona Coffee might have made the business of selling substandard coffee more popular, but what about the Hawaiian mayor Yamashiro [1941-2011] [23] who took strong notice of this lousy trade and introduced the 100% Kona Coffee seal. Now the Hawaii Agriculture Authority [24] has enacted stricter rules for grading and labeling Kona coffee. [25] You must read these rules to avoid making the wrong purchase of Kona coffee. [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34

Stay Away From “Kona Blends”

But the matter did not end here. The coffee industry is full of loopholes and scams that are hard to catch. Sellers did not stop mixing. There is a famous saying “greed is a curse”. Since the production of Kona coffee is very low at the same time it is also very expensive, many companies introduce Kona blend and sell it at very cheap prices. Stay away from such blends. And only buy pure Kona Coffee.

Every year, thousands of you tell us – and our partners – about the scam Kona Coffee sales you dealt.

Your best protection? Learn the signs of scam sales we told in this guide and avoid. Then tell your friends and family members what to look for so they can avoid scams. We’ll show you the facts, carry on!.

Hawaii Agriculture Authority stipulates that any coffee bean blend labeled as Kona blend must contain 10% pure Kona beans. [Reference has mentioned above] It is imperative that companies that know how to make money use ten percent of the beans in each packet to please the law, but not a single bean more. The remaining 90% of this mixture will consist of other substandard beans. 

Decide for yourself. By buying such packets you are depriving yourself of real Kona beans.

So much worse, some blake sheep go full-on scammy and don’t use any certified Kona at all, that is why we need to avoid Kona Blends.

Stay Away From ‘Kona Beans’ That Are Not From The Kona Region

Kona Coffee Beans are Matchless–Avoid Other Areas’ Coffee Beans

The coffee beans from other areas is no match for coffee beans – stay away from them

There are fifty states in the U.S. [35] The 50th and the last state to join the Union was Hawaii joined in 1959.[36]

While the Hawaiian state law has strict rules for Kona coffee blends and labels, but in other US states, coffee labeling laws are not so strict. [37]

[38] [39] [40] Therefore, in other countries companies are using the Kona name merely for marketing purposes. 

That is the reason In many countries, so-called Kona beans and blends might contain only a tiny fraction of Kona beans or none at all. So, I advise you, buy Kona beans that are from the island of Hawaii and labeled 100% Pure Kona coffee.

Hawaiian Best Kona Coffee Producing Companies–2023

Although Hawaiian coffee grading and labeling rules are very strict, they do not apply to companies that do coffee business outside of Hawaii. Companies that do coffee business in Hawaii are subject to Hawaiian coffee grading and labeling rules. [Reference has mentioned above.] So if you want to buy good quality blended coffee then you must buy coffee from a company that specializes in Hawaii. Let me tell you about a few companies that do coffee business in Hawaii. 

Kona Coffee Costco – 100% Kona Coffee

Just as I mentioned in the lines above, There are some fake brands in Kona Coffee production. You will find many articles on the web under the name Kona Coffee Costco, but there is no brand by that name that sells coffee beans at the name of Kona Costa Costco brand. All articles sell coffee beans of other brands under the name Kona Coffee Costco, so it is fake. The beans of the brands we are presenting to you are a thousand times better than Kona Coffee Costco.

Hawaii Coffee Company!

Hawaii Coffee Company [41] is a family of sister companies in Hawaii. All work together with a common goal. It is the largest coffee roaster in the world and the largest supplier of Hawaiian coffee in Hawaiian island hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

Koa Coffee Company

Koa Coffee Company [42] produces premium Hawaiian Coffee. They pick coffee by hand, expertly roast, and deliver.  

The Company has been delivering coffee since 1997. Their coffee is famous far and wide all over the world. They are known as a company that produces quality coffee. This company’s awards are enough to prove their success.

Volcanica coffee

Volcanica Coffee Company [43] is a specialty coffee roaster focused on exotic coffees. They are committed to offering only the finest quality ingredients from volcanic regions around the world.

The mineral-rich soil from these areas produces coffee that is wonderfully aromatic and remarkable in taste. They carry over 100 different coffees, including single-origin, estate, peaberry, and decaffeinated and flavored coffees.

Always Check The ‘Grade’

The Hawaiian government has cracked down on coffee sellers. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA) conducts a very complex test of coffee beans and then grades them. Every year, Kona farms receive a grade for improving the quality of their produce.

If you want to buy pure Kona coffee, you should pay attention to Kona’s HDA grade. Grade standards include bean size, shape, moisture content, and other potential flaws. [Reference has mentioned above.] Unless you have fully read all our guidelines about buying Kona coffee, Stay away from all “Kona Blends” Our guide will aware you of what you’re buying.

Here are the eight Hawaiian coffee grade bands:

  1. Kona extra fancy (the highest quality)
  2. Kona fancy
  3. Kona no. 1
  4. Kona Select
  5. Kona Prime
  6. Hawaii no. 3
  7. Kona natural prime
  8. Kona mixed natural prime (The lowest quality)

“Kona extra fancy”, “Kona fancy”, and “Kona no. 1”, all these types of Kona coffee beans are the same in the grading of cleanliness, color, and roasting qualities. All the three are clean, uniformly good green, having good roasting qualities, with no defect in their grading. They have a little bit of difference between shape, type, and moisture.

While “Kona Select”,Kona Prime”,Hawaii no. 3″; have the same color but with a little difference, when we compare them to the former three. And their brewing grade is also different than the previous three ie. ” No undesirable aroma or flavor when brewed. “

The last two “Kona natural prime” and “Kona mixed natural prime” have no specific grade in color and brew at all. [Reference has mentioned above.]

Although all the beans in the first 5 grades are good, the “Extra Fancy Bean” is the highest of all.    Grading is affected by features such as the size, color, and discovery of the beans, but it merely affects the taste of the coffee.

Extra fancy grading is uniform in size and has almost no defect in them. They’re the most luxurious Kona beans you can get— and why not, when you pay so much for it!

Choose The Best Brewing Method for Kona Coffee

The first step is to decide which brewer you want to use for the beans, and it depends on how you like to taste your coffee. 

In my opinion, if you want to taste a full range of delicious Hawaiian Kona flavors without bitterness, choose the French Press. Because French Press is the most preferred method for 100% Kona coffee.

Since it does not use paper filters, so all the aromatic oil of the coffee remains in the cup. The French Press guarantees that you will experience the full range of flavors in Kona beans. The French press produces coffee with a heavy body and full flavor.

However, not everyone likes the heavy body and silty remnants of coffee made from the French press, and people who are at risk of high cholesterol avoid it that way. If you prefer a cleaner cup of coffee, a pour-over can also display Kona coffee taste. This will create a brighter and more flavorful cup with a lighter body.

Where to Buy The Best Kona Coffee for Taste, Flavor, Aroma & Authenticity

I believe that at this point in my written guide you have come to choose a good and real Kona coffee. But there is one thing! Of course, this guide may have limited your choice a bit.

But we’ve done one thing for your convenience, and that is, we’ve found the best Kona coffee beans with the best taste and aroma and put them on the list below.  So you can be sure that your money is working for you to get the best Kona coffee.

Note: Insert a picture here, in which coffee cherry trees are shown in Hawaii

The 6 Most Common Kona Coffee Brands at a Glance

When I talk about “Types of Kona Coffee Beans,” I think it’s important to have a balance. Sure—sometimes a ridiculously expensive coffee can change your mood, but other times they only disappoint. Right! I’ll tell you the reason down in the article. Kona Coffee is about an experience and expressing a sense of place. Here are 6 types of Kona Coffee which do exactly that.


1. Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack 

You’ll get 3 packs of the best Kona at a reasonable price. The best deal in your hands just a click away.



Grade: 1 (Extra Fancy)

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-2 business days

The Hawaii-based company has been roasting coffee beans since 1997 and is known as a high-quality coffee maker. Their 100% Kona Coffee has won the Julia Cupping Competition [44] and PCCA Coffee of the Year [45] and was mentioned by Forbes Magazine [46]in the top ten coffees in the world,  in addition to, the Forbes’ “50 of America’s Best” as the “Best Coffee in America.”[47]

Since they roast beans after you place an order, so you can’t get much fresher beans from anywhere else.

The Kao company provides consistently delicious, rich, smooth coffee that is never bitter. Tri-Pack is a dark roast coffee that is healthy, full of flavor, and great for Espresso, medium roast is also available for those who prefer a lighter cup.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes coffee, then this Tri–pack is sure to make them happy. The company’s customer service is excellent.

I have tasted it myself. You will ask for the second or third cup if you drink one cup of it.

This coffee showcases the unique and classic taste of Aloha and the flavors of the Mona Lova volcanic slopes. Excellent customer service. Shipping time depends on how far it is from your area. Normally it takes about one to two business days.

2. Hawaiin Kona extra fancy by volcanica coffee


Grade: 1 (Extra Fancy)

Roaster: Volcanica Coffee

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-2 days

Volcanica Coffee specializes in roasting your coffee as well as delivering it to your door the next day. They grow coffee beans at high altitudes, in the fertile soil of the volcano, which makes the beans the best Kona coffee beans in the world. 

Their Hawaiian coffee extra fancy flavor is a mellow but rich flavor that offers low acidity throughout the body and medium roast.

How do these beans get such a fruity, low-acidic taste? Let me tell you, the area where these beans are grown has a particularly unique microclimate, I mean the district of Kona in Hawaii.  And, these Kona coffee beans possess a high-quality grade by the name of “grade 1 extra fancy”, so you can’t find better beans anywhere else. 

These beans are rich, full of flavored, mellow, slightly sweet, and low in acid. So no matter what kind of taste you prefer, these authentic Kona coffee beans satisfy every flavor profile.

It’s up to you whether you buy Volcanica Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy Beans as a whole or get it freshly ground. It’s available either way.

However, your beans are roasted only after your purchase to assure you of their freshness. This Kona coffee is a bit more expensive than other coffees, but if you want an unusual coffee, this is the right price.

3. Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee 


Grade: Only sells the top grades of Kona

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-2 business days

We are now at your service Peaberry Kona Coffee Beans. This is another very strong offer from Kao Coffee Company.

Peaberry is a type of coffee bean that is famous all over the world for its delicacy. Both their texture and taste are unique from other Kona beans. The other Kona coffee beans have two pieces inside the seed skin while the peaberry seed has one piece. Most of their flavors are created by a natural mutation inside the coffee plant.

In the annual Kona harvesting, there is a very small amount of peaberry beans. According to a conservative estimate, only 3-5 out of every 100 coffee beans are Peaberries. The Peaberry Kona of the Kao Company is a rare delicacy, the demand for which often exceeds the supply.

Smooth and sweeter than a regular Kona, a Peaberry Kona will probably blow your mind. Although Kao Coffee Company not only sells Peaberry Coffee, it also sells other Kona Coffees. But because of their skill and honesty in Peaberry, you can count on them. I mean, these coffee beans have made all their way from the Peaberry tree to your cup in good hands.

4. Keala 100% Kona (By Bean Box) 


Grade: 1 (Extra Fancy)

Roaster: BeanBox

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-3 days

Now we offer at your service Keala’s Hawaiian coffee beans which are pure Kona beans. These Kona beans are made by Benbox, a high-quality Seattle-based coffee roasting, and subscription company. These extra fancy grade beans are purchased directly from Honolulu’s Kona Coffee Farms on Hawaii Island and are roasted in small batches before shipping to retain full freshness.

The Medium Roast, produced by Benbox, has a pleasant and balanced flavor profile. The bright and fruity flavors are complemented by the sweet notes of toasted coconut. Their medium roast helps you to experience the different nuances of advanced flavors. The taste is so high that you don’t have to mix it with any other flavor.

A cup of coffee made from your Keala beans will give you so much fun that you will be immersed in the lush volcanic soil of Hololova. It’s an introduction to the fertile soil of Hawaii’s volcanic mountains that offer you a cup of Keala’s coffee beans.

5. Kona Peaberry Coffee (by Volcanica coffee) 


Grade: The top grades of Kona

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-2 business days

It is full of the flavor of the fertile soil of the deep volcanic mountains, which is why it is called coffee champagne. The taste of the product can be described as smooth, nutty, and fragrant with a strong aroma.

These flavor-rich, gran reserve peaberry Kona coffee beans are valuable for their smooth flavors, delicious, medium-bodied, complex flavors, and strong aromas. This specialty Kona coffee is Peaberry grade, 100 pure authentic Kona coffee which is grown in limited supply at Aloha Farms.

6. Royal premium 100% Kona- Hawaiian coffee company 


Grade: 1 (Extra Fancy)

Customer Service: Excellent

Shipping time: 1-2 business days

This is another well-established brand based in Hawaii, therefore they grow their beans out of their gardens like Kao coffee.

Hawaii Coffee Company has a very long history. Their Royal Kona Estate Kona is quite another high-quality option. It has a clean, bright flavor profile, mostly because it is lighter than other Kona roasts.

Royal Kona stands out from other brands for its fruity and clear taste. If you prefer a light roast, this is perfect for you.

The beans are only medium-roasted after ordering, so you get them as fresh as possible.

THE JUDGEMENT: Which Is The Best Kona Coffee?

Many renowned Kona Coffee brands produce exceptional coffees, from Kao Coffee in Honolulu to Volcanica in Suwanee. Their taste, flavor, and after-drink notes are all indescribable. 

Tracking all these coffee brands, their coffee bean prices, and finding sellers yourself could be a complex exercise if you want to build a taste vocabulary. Instead, you can entrust a coffee expert like me to guide you for your best purchase.

I’ve looked at the individual features of each category and what makes a successful coffee within that. 

All the branded products mentioned in the main list are of high quality. But one of them is the one that is the highest and most unique, and that is the tri-pack of Kao Coffee.

If you are new to the world of coffee, give it a try. And if you’re old enough in the coffee world but trying Kona for the first time, be sure to try the Kao Company’s tri-pack.

So, how about picking up now and creating your tasty Kona Coffee cup right away?


What is so special about Kona Coffee Beans?

The special thing about Kona coffee is that it is grown at a lower altitude than regular or other Hawaiian coffees that grow above 4000 feet. The prime farming location (the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii) and production processes make it special. The farmers use machines and shake coffee trees to release ripe, over-ripe, and under-ripe cherries, which deliver mild acidity, a bitter taste, instead of sweet.

What kind of beans is Kona coffee?

Kona Coffee contains Guatemalan Typica beans, also known as Kona Typica. It contains a high-quality variety of Arabica coffee. Kona coffees are regarded as crisp and bright or clean and contain notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, honey, and some fruity flavor. It is the best gift for coffee lovers.

Why is Kona coffee so hard to find?

The land which supports the growth of 100% Kona Coffee is extremely limited. A 30-mile strip of volcanic soil only produces 1% of Kona coffee worldwide. The growing region and retail supply of this Koa coffee are limited, so it is hard to find.

What is real Kona coffee?

Kona coffee is an Arabica coffee that is grown, harvested, and processed in the Kona region (higher elevations). They get their name from the region in which they grow. However, it is grown at lower altitude and contain a high variety of Arabica beans, i.e., Guatemalan Typica beans. It adds chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavor with mild acidity.

Why are Kona beans so expensive?

The farmers handpicked the Kona coffee all year. The reason is that only red cherries have to be picked, so they pick the same tree multiple times during the picking season. The 7.4 pounds of red cherries give only 1 lb of Koa coffee beans. The process of growing, picking, sorting, washing, drying, and roasting is done manually. This labor and low wage cost in Hawaii raise the cost.

Moreover, in recent years, the production of Kona coffee is decreased due to the lack of rain and pesky beetles. These beetles eat the coffee cherries and prevent them from turning into coffee beans.

Is Kona coffee the best in the world?

This coffee is grown in its ideal condition of climate and soil. The volcanic soil and western slopes of the Kona Mountains provide shelter and fertile lands and are ideal for growing coffee. Kona coffee is known for its superior quality and sweet flavors. Connoisseurs and casual drinkers said that once you try 100% Kona, you will not enjoy any other regular or Hawaiian coffees.

Is Kona coffee high in caffeine?

Kona coffee beans have a 1.3% caffeine content compared to regular coffees, which contain 1.1% caffeine. A cup of medium-roasted Kona coffee delivers 54 mg of caffeine, while regular coffee delivers 30 mg of caffeine. So it has high caffeine content. Kona monthly coffee club makes sure your coffee is always delivered fresh to your door every month.

Why do people love Kona coffee?

The thing that makes Kona coffee lovable is its flavor profile. It glows in your cup with light, sweet (chocolate and caramel) and fruity notes with hints of spice or nuts. 90% of these blends contain low-quality dark roast and city roast crap. The initial roasting adds flavors of sweetness and fruit. As the roast progresses, the coffee develops the body. This feature is not found in any other Arabica coffee.

Is Kona coffee better than arabica?

The rich volcanic soil and climate near Kona Mountains make this coffee better than the other Arabica coffees. It has rich and exquisite flavor profiles and is known for its superior quality. Honolulu Coffee is one of the top Kona coffee purveyors in Hawaii. Its coffee farm grows beans and sells genuine Kona coffee in its local shop.

Why is Kona coffee so smooth?

It is the best coffee in Hawaii. The roasting of whole beans adds body to this coffee. After growing, grinding, and drying, the beans undergo a slow and custom roasting process (dark and city roast crap). The diligent Hawaiian farmers ensure the roast’s perfection and deliver a smooth blend. Most coffee tastes like good coffee, but Kona is beyond everything.

 Where are Kona Coffee farms?

The Kona coffee farms are only in one place in Hawaii (on Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South districts). This Hawaiian coffee production is also called the Kona Coffee Belt. The higher elevations, constant cloud coverage, mild nights, and rich volcanic soil create an ideal environment for harvesting coffee farming or this unique Hawaiian coffee bean. The volcanic soil is full of nitrates, phosphates, iron, and manganese and is beneficial for Kona coffee.

Does Starbucks Sell Kona Coffee?

Yes, Starbucks sells Royal Kona coffee. On 6th march 2012, Starbucks announced they would sell good stuff or 100% unique Kona coffee. They brew gourmet Kona coffee and also ensure a satisfaction guarantee. However, the Koa Coffee brand is known as the best brand of Kona Coffee.

What is the number 1 Kona coffee in the world?

Peaberry is the number 1 Kona coffee in the world.

Its bean has a unique shape as well as its taste.

How many varieties of Kona coffee are there?

There are almost eight Kona coffee grade bands:

  1. Kona extra fancy (the highest quality)
  2. Kona fancy
  3. Kona no. 1
  4. Kona Select
  5. Kona Prime
  6. Hawaii no. 3
  7. Kona natural prime
  8. Kona mixed natural prime (The lowest quality)

Which is the best Kona coffee?

Peaberry and Kona Extra Fancy are the best and highest quality coffees all over the world.

What is the best Kona coffee?

The coffee which is grown in the Kona district of Hawaii is known as the best Kona coffee in the world.

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