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Earlier I wrote about “Best ESE Pods and Which Espresso Machine Suitable for These These ESE Pods.” Since I mentioned Caffè Carbonelli in this post, my readers insisted that I write a review of it, so there was a need to write a review of Caffè Carbonelli.

Caffè Carbonelli is a traditional Neapolitan-style espresso that takes you on a journey to the heart of Italy. It remains a prominent social and cultural activity within coffee lovers as well as the coffee aficionado community. Its robust caffeinated ESE pods are perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, or intense coffee lovers in homes.

The most commonly used method of making coffee from Caffè Carbonelli is to initially add only a few grains of sugar to the espresso and mix thoroughly.

If you want a thick crema on your espresso, here’s how:

 When you make espresso using Caffè Carbonelli’s ESE pods, add the first few drops of this espresso to two tablespoons or as much sugar as you like for a cup. Then mix this sugar well. When it is well mixed, add the sugar to the remaining espresso.

Let me tell you an even better and easier way to thicken crema. Take one or two teaspoons, tablespoons of sugar, or as much sugar as you think is appropriate for a cup. Put this sugar in a cup. Now add two tablespoons of hot water to this sugar and mix it vigorously.

It results in a creamy, light brown paste.

This paste is then added to the espresso and mixed, creating a light brown foam layer, or espumita, atop the coffee.


Caffè Carbonelli uses a complex, time-consuming, and skilled process known as the “split-roasting” technique for their ESE pods. It is the technique where each ingredient of coffee beans is roasted at different temperatures and for different durations to achieve better taste, body, and complexity.

Coffee Beans 

I don’t know from which parts of the world Caffè Carbonelli picks coffee beans to fill the coffee grounds in their ESE espresso pods. But when I make espresso from its pods, the espresso smells as it has been made from high-quality Robusta and Arabica beans from highly coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Peru, Guatemala, Uganda, Mexico, Laos, and Hawaii. It seems the espresso has a high proportion of Robusta beans, but it also added some high-quality Arabica beans to soften the strong, stiff, and rough taste of Robusta.

Which Size of Baskit Requires for These Pods

You’ll receive 1 Pod contains 7g of Espresso ground coffee in a 44mm size, and this pod will allow you to make a perfect espresso with any compatible espresso machine. Fits in a single 44mm ESE paper pod basket.

Washed by a natural process, roasted with split roasting technique, and freshly packed in ESE paper pods, these coffee pods are suitable only for espresso machines compatible with ESE pods with a 44 mm basket. If your machine has a basket size of 45 mm or larger, espresso will be made from it, but the result will not be suitable as the standard (single) basket size for ESE pods is 44 mm.

Easy to Use

Caffè Carbonelli offers you some of the most delicious and excellent tasting ESE pods to enjoy at home that are very easy for you to use, without any clutter, and as a result, every time you have a delicious espresso.


These pods deliver you a full-bodied, creamy coffee with delicious aromas and no bitter aftertaste. A good combination of Arabica and Robusta beans results in a medium-strong coffee. 

Caffè Carbonelli ESE Pods VS Other ESE Pod Brands

Caffè Carbonelli’s 1st Competition

When I started writing a review of Cafe Carbonelli ESE Pods, I planned to compare it with other brands of ESE Pods, so I chose the following 11 brands to compare.

  1. Caffè Tostini – Pads 
  2. Caffe Moreno 
  3. Caffe New York Espresso Pods 
  4. Caffè Quarta 
  5. Caffe Roma 
  6. MariaSole Caffè 
  7. MilleSoli Caffè
  8. Mokaflor – Dolce Arabica 
  9. Palombini: “Caffè Forte” 
  10. Ammore ESE Espresso Coffee Pods
  11. Caffè Corsini Compagnia 

With 11 pods from this group, I ordered Caffè Carbonelli’s ESE pods online. I made espresso from pods of all brands. I also invited my friends to taste espresso and for reviews and ratings. Unfortunately for all the brands, none of the brands managed to get good reviews compared to Caffè Carbonelli, and Caffè Carbonelli easily won the Competition.

Caffè Carbonelli’s 2nd Competition

When I did Caffè Carbonelli’s second contest, I chose the ten new brands listed below. These brands were not included in the previous Competition.

  1. Il Piacere (Espresso) E.S.E. Pods 
  2. Dualit Lungo ESE Coffee Pods
  3. Filicori Zecchini
  4. Barbera Cialda Superior 
  5. ESE Java Mocha Coffee Pods
  6. Single Origin Ese Coffee Pods 
  7. Baronet Coffee 
  8. Danesi Easy E.S.E. pods 
  9. Zicaffe’ ESE Espresso Paper Pods 
  10. Nannini Espresso

This time, all the arrangements were made the same way, and Caffè Carbonelli also won this Competition.

Caffè Carbonelli’s 3rd Competition

When Caffè Carbonelli won the last two contests, I thought Caffè Carbonelli’s ESE Pods were the best, so I chose the ten new brands listed below to test Caffè Carbonelli’s taste in a true sense.

  1. Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee
  2. Bristot Single-Serve Coffee Pods 
  3. Musetti Coffee – Cremissimo – ESE pod
  4. Compagnia Dell’arabica Selection 
  5. Almanegra Espresso ESE Pods
  6. Caffe D’arte Decaf Italian Espresso Blend
  7. Espressione 100% Arabica Pods 
  8. Gran Caffè Garibaldi 
  9. Molinari BIO 
  10. Miscela d’Oro Single Shot Espresso Cremoso Pods

Eleven brands were ordered online, including Caffè Carbonelli, and espresso drinks were made from each brand’s ESE pods. My friends drank espresso with great pleasure. When it came to giving reviews, all the reviews were in favor of Caffè Carbonelli, and it quickly won the contest.

Caffè Carbonelli 4th Competition


When Caffè Carbonelli beat more than 30 brands of ESE pods in three competitions, I thought it was probably the top brand. But one day I argued with a friend. I was adamant that Caffè Carbonelli is the top ESE pods brand globally, but my friend was adamant that there are higher brands than that. Decided to have another competition to compete with the taste. This time my friend chose all the brands for the Competition. The following eleven brands were included in the Competition.

  1. Aroma Premium ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews:98)
  2. ESE Coffee Pods – We – Real Italian Espresso (Reviews: 99)
  3. Caffe Gioia ESE Pods (Reviews: 103)
  4. Kimbo Coffee ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 103)
  5. Montedoro Caffè` Prezioso (Reviews: 107)
  6. Lucaffe’ Mamma Lucia ESE Espresso pods (Reviews: 108)
  7. Caffe Lollo ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 112)
  8. Izzo Arabica (Reviews: 127)
  9. Lucaffe’ Lucaffeina Pulcinella ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 130)
  10. Cuba Mia Single Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 132)
  11. Barista Italiano 100 ESE Coffee Paper Pods (Reviews: 463)

This time my friend chose strong candidates for the Competition. My friend thought that one of his chosen brands would outperform Caffè Carbonelli and win the Competition. But when Caffè Carbonelli’s ESE espresso hit the guests’ palate, they praised it. When it came to giving reviews, all brands lost the Competition except one brand, and that brand was Barista Italiano.

So we got Barista Italiano and Caffè Carbonelli to compete again. Caffè Carbonelli received 377 reviews, while Barista Italiano won the Competition with 463 reviews.

Caffè Carbonelli’s 5th Competition

When Caffè Carbonelli lost its fourth Competition to Barista Italiano, I realized that Caffè Carbonelli is not the highest brand in the world. Then one day, I argued with a friend. This friend lives in the US. His position was that Caffè Carbonelli is the top ESE brand in the world while I was opposing it. So we once again planned to make Caffè Carbonelli compete with other brands in the field of flavor. This time it was my responsibility to select the brand. So I worked hard to collect the top brands from the world of ESE coffee pods, whose names are listed below.

  1. Caffè Carbonelli Strong – Real Neapolitan Espresso (Reviews:377)
  2. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)
  3. PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 699)
  4. Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods-(Reviews: 700)
  5. Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – (Reviews: 972)
  6. Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 1100)
  7. Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 1829)
  8. Illy Classico ESE Pods (Reviews: 2489)
  9. Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods (Reviews: 12394)

This time there were eight candidates against Caffè Carbonelli, but the Competition was fierce. Because all these brands are the world-famous ESE Pods, which were competing with Caffè Carbonelli this time, first, all the guests were served espresso from Caffè Carbonelli’s pods, and then they were treated to espresso from the pods of the other eight brands. But when it came to compliments and reviews, there was no compliment on the Caffè Carbonelli part, and Caffè Carbonelli could not get a good review compared to these famous brands.


Caffè Carbonelli is one of the top ten brands of ESE pods in the world. If you haven’t tasted Caffè Carbonelli before, you should try it and make your palate aware of its superior taste.

150 Ese Coffee pods - Caffè Carbonelli Strong - Real Neapolitan Espresso

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